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Decentral Games Releases Latest Weekly Update

The NFT-based poker game metaverse, Decentral Games, has released its weekly update. The update covers ICE Poker Flex Updates, Ice Poker Flex Stats, ICE-USDC Liquidity Pool, Messari Mainnet, and SX Bet Partnership Betdrop, among others.

Highlights of the ICE Poker Flex Updates

Decentral Games announced it pushed the new ICE Poker Flex updates and fixed some bugs on Thursday, September 22. The details of the updates are enumerated below:

  • The game platform added a new and more electrifying animation for first place in a tournament. It also added a “Share” button to allow players to share their wins.
  • The team fixed some bugs relating to onboarding and checking-in affecting new gamers. They also fixed several other gameplay bugs to make the game run smoother.
  • Decentral Games will boot gamers who are “Away” for a long time. The platform will boot out any player who is away from the table for ten minutes consecutively or twenty minutes in total.
  • The game platform announced its team is currently working on including multi-tabling to enable players to play multiple tournaments simultaneously using the same address.

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Highlights of the ICE Poker Flex Stats Update

According to the Decentral Games platform, it achieved another daily high of burned $ICE from community members purchasing Shine to participate in tournaments. The platform reported it burned 241,500 $ICE on Wednesday, September 21.

Highlights of ICE-USDC Liquidity Pool Update

Decentral Games mentioned it added 23,171,140 $ICE and 144,065 $USDC to its ICE-USDC liquidity pool resident in QuickSwap. This was after it passed the governance proposal.

It further reveals it will allocate future $ICE bought from Metaverse advertising, secondary sales royalties, and Polygon validator node rewards to strengthen the ICE-USDC liquidity pool.

Details of Messari Mainnet Update

Miles, the CO-Founder/CEO of Decentral Games, spoke during a panel discussion on the Economics of the Metaverse at Messari Mainnet on Wednesday, September 23. According to him, Decentral Games is in a lucrative and unique position compared to most other metaverse ecosystems.

It delivers robust, deflationary tokens directly built into its gameplay with Tournament Mode. He revealed the team is looking forward to growing its Tournament Mode DAU over the next few weeks and months.

Highlights of SX Bet Partnership Betdrop Update

Decentral Games announced it is doing a $150,000 USDC betdrop as part of its Tournament Mode partnership with SX.Bet. 3000 non-USA-based Decentral Games ICE All Access Wearable holders can claim $50 bet credits when they connect their wallet at SX.Bet.

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