Decentral Games ICE (ICE)

Decentral Games ICE (ICE) is a metaverse Poker game in which players can earn rewards and generate income from different challenges, objectives and games.

To participate in this game, users must own at least one NFT wearable. These are non-fungible tokens that represent an item of clothing or accessory that the player can equip their avatar with. The more and better NFT wearables the user has, the better rewards he can obtain.

ICE is the native token of this metaverse game. With it, all in-game transactions can be performed, as well as buying NFTs and upgrading items. ICE can be obtained in different ways such as completing challenges, competing in the daily leaderboard, renting NFTs to other players, minting NFTs to sell in the Marketplace, and many others.


0.0018 USD$ 1.13%
0.0018 USD$
24h Range
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