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Binamon Forest Lands Unboxing is Now Available on Binance NFT

Binamonan NFT-based play-to-earn metaverse of digital monsters built on BSC, has announced the details of how to acquire and open a forest land in its metaverse. Through a press release published on its medium page, Binamon introduces its Forest Lands in the metaverse and reveals the plan to host the first land unboxing in its metaverse.

There are five types of lands that are available that owners can unpack. These are Argar Caves, Iranda Fields, Misty Peaks, Midori Falls, and Willows. Potential owners have until 11:59 pm UTC on March 15 to open land between Level 1 & Level 6.

Details on How to Open a Forest Land

  • Navigate to the official marketplace of Binance and click on the Login button.
  • Withdraw your assigned Forest Tickets to your Metamask wallet. It may take approximately five to ten minutes for your ticket to get to your Metamask from Binance.
  • Wait until you receive the notification that you have your Forest Tickets in your Metamask wallet. Next, connect your Metamask wallet.
  • Next, click on “Approve Land Ticket”.
  • As soon as the ticket is approved, click on Unbox with Ticket. Then, select the Ticket that you want to open. Next, pay the gas fee as shown on the transaction page.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the transaction to process. Then, you can unpack your land and be able to view it.

That is all! You can begin to enjoy the exciting feel and benefits that come with being a Forest Owner on Binamon Land Forest.

Before you go ahead to start the process, you must check the probabilities that you have in getting each type of land.


What are the Probabilities of Unboxing Forest Lands?

As mentioned, five types of Forest Lands are available and each has different levels of rarity. The details of the lands, their rarity, and the probability of getting them are highlighted as follow:

  • Level 1 – Iranda Fields: 50% Rarity – 75.7813% Probability
  • Level 2 – Misty Peaks: 25% Rarity – 12.5000% Probability
  • Level 3 – Caves: 10% Rarity – 6.2500% Probability
  • Level 4 – Willow: 10% Rarity – 3.1250% Probability
  • Level 6 – Midori Falls: 5% Rarity – 1.5625% Probability
  • Level 6 – 0.7813% Probability

The level of lands unboxed after March 15 will start from Level 1. From March 16, potential holders will require time to upgrade their Land level or pay to boost the level. The level of the land gives holders access to numerous perks, ornaments, and support.

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