KingSpeed Releases Anti-Dumping and Irresponsibility Penalty Policy
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KingSpeed Releases Anti-Dumping and Irresponsibility Penalty Policy

KingSpeed, a blockchain-based car racing game, is on a mission to protect the interest of investors on its platform. The game platform offers players the opportunity to curate rare virtual items, such as Cars, Drivers, Land Tracks, and Gears. Gamers can use these collectibles to join and compete in races and earn rewards for their efforts.

To ensure the sustainability of its game platform, KingSpeed has released a new policy. This policy, which it calls the Anti-Dumping and Irresponsibility Penalizing Policy, is designed to check the activities of investors while protecting stakeholders on its platform.

Details of the Anti-Dumping and Irresponsibility Penalizing Policy

The policy aims to protect the interest and benefits of investors on the game platform. It is also to ensure that the development of the KingSpeed project is sustainable. The highlights of the policy are enumerated below:

  • Dumping Behavior

Investors should split up their selling into various terms with more affordable prices of less than $2,000 BUSD. KOLs and Venture Capitals are advised not to sell KSC tokens above 30% of the total amount obtained per time.

Investors that sell more than 30% of the total amount will have their wallets locked for 30 days until the next vesting. Thereafter, the investors must ensure they do not sell available tokens above the stipulated 30% after their wallets are unlocked. 


  • Irresponsible Cooperation Behaviors

KOLs and Venture Capitals must abide by the commitments and exercise their strengths in supporting the KingSpeed project in different marketing and communication plans.

KOLs and Venture Capitals that are inactive for over thirty days without providing appropriate support or attending to support requests will have their wallets locked for the subsequent vesting.

KingSpeed implores all investors to strictly implement and comply with the policy and also commit to the project to ensure its success.

More Information about KingSpeed

KingSpeed is a blockchain-based car racing game that offers gamers the opportunity to play its game without paying an exorbitant amount to obtain NFTs from the start. The game platform offers all users the chance to claim and use simple and generic NFT cars with basic stats.

As players progress in the game, they can obtain NFT cars with more unique features. They can also explore special NFT collections with more benefits than free NFT cars.

Players on the game platform can own collectibles, access multiple race modes, stake and participate in the community governance, and collect rewards and loot-boxes.

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