KING Exclusively for Buying CBK Lands
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KING is Now Exclusively for Buying CBK Land

Following recent announcements, CryptoBladers will only be able to buy CryptoBlades Kingdom land using the KING token. The game considers this move essential towards sustaining the value of this token. Henceforth, users will no longer use SKILL to purchase CBK Land. This update was issued via the CryptoBlades Kingdom Medium Page.

The purchase of Land NFTs is just CryptoBlades’ first step towards increasing the value of King. Going forward, it will be adding further utility to the KING token. There were already rumours that the game is considering building an ecosystem around this in-game token. CryptoBlades is confirming these rumours to be true. It is also encouraging users to get KING while it is still cheap

There are many other efforts geared towards increasing the utility of this in-game token. This may also include out-game utility. According to CBK, these plans will “shock” community members. The announcement is already yielding rewards, with KING climbing up by 250% last week. This is a massive growth, considering the meltdown of the crypto Market.

To commemorate this move, CryptoBlades is giving away 1000 KING. Interested users can get their share of the 1000 KING by completing the tasks in this link. They include the following:

  • Follow CryptoBlades on Twitter
  • Retweet the tweet announcing the use of KING for CBK Lands purchase
  • Join their Telegram Group
  • Visit it Facebook Page
  • View the post on Reddit
  • Visit CBK website
  • Connect Metamask waalets

CryptoBlades Kingdom Lands


CBK Lands are essential in CryptoBlades Kingdoms for housing your armies, and protecting your kingdom. They are also a means of generating revenues. All Lands will have tiers, I, II, or III. Further tiers have increasingly greater benefits. These benefits will help you conquer your enemies and build YOUR empire!

Land NFT in CryptoBlades Kingdoms are resource-packed. They allow you to gather materials and grow your Kingdom alone or with your friends! Tier 1 lands will be placed within a random chunk of the map. The Tier 2 Lands allow you to choose the chunk that you want to place your land in. For Tier 3, you be able to select the chunk. However, there’s only one Land per chunk!

To purchases a tier 2 or tier 3 land, users will need to use the CryptoBlades marketplace. Navigate to the “specials’’ tab to select land placement on the map. You will need to connect the wallet holding the land to CryptoBlades. This essential towards redeeming the Land you bought. Your wallet is also crucial to start playing the CryptoBlades game.

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