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Cryptoblades Releases Rewards Claiming Tutorial Video As Altura Joins the Knighthood Program

As a multi farming blockchain, Cryptoblades allows its partners to provide their tokens in its rewards pool. This helps to take the pressure of $SKILL – the native token of this blockchain game. However, redeeming a different token on the game’s reward can be quite a challenge. To help resolve this issue, Cryptoblades is issuing a Rewards Claiming Tutorial video.

This video is a step-by-step guide on how to claim partner tokens. Despite posting the video on it Official YouTube Channel, Cryptoblades also gave details of guide via their medium page. Here are the details of this guide.

Details of the Rewards Claiming Tutorial Video

For starts, players will have to be playing the Cryptoblades’ game. This is because this is where you will get most of the rewards. While playing, check the top left corner of your screen. On that part, you will be able to see if you have gotten any rewards. However, this feature will not show you what type of tokens you will get as rewards. Ro identify your rewards, click on the new Treasury tab across the top of the page.On the treasury tab, you will see all the tokens that are available on the multifarm.

In addition, yoy can get more information about each token by clicking on the “more…” button below the token. Although you do not have to choose it here, players can select the payout token they prefer. They can do this on the payout currency tab when withdrawing their rewards. One more thing, always attention to the multiplier in the middle of the token panel. They regulate the reward pool by ensuring that some tokens do not leave the pool unless they are returned by other players. Users should ALWAYS wait till when the multiplier us high enough before claiming rewards. This will help them claim as much tokens as they want.

Altura Joins the Knighthood Program

Altura joins the Cryptoblades Knighthood Program

Speaking of Cryptoblades reward pools, they keep getting bigger. In recent news, Altura is joining the Knighthood program. This is the fifth token that will be joining the Cryptoblades’ multifarm. Over the next two weeks, players will earn 180,000 ($20,000) in rewards. Distribution of these reward will be over the Binance Smart Chain Mutifarm.

About Altura

Altura provides the tools and infrastructure for developers to create and integrate Smart NFTs in their video games and applications. With Altura, developers can program dynamic functionality in their NFTs. Imagine a video game sword that gets stronger every time it is used to slay a monster. Smart NFTs have properties that can change based on certain conditions. This would be especially useful for RPGs and crypto gaming in general.

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