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CryptoSword Launches its Double Odds Minting Event Today, January 10, 2022

CryptoSword, a GameFi NFT-based game on Binance Smart Chain, has announced the launch of its double odds SWORD minting event slated to start today, January 10, 2022, at 6:00 UTC. Interested participants will have an opportunity to mint a high rarity Sword during the event.

Minting a Sword gives players access to the Crypto Sword game. Players are required to possess at least one SWORD in their wallet before they can participate in the game. At the minting event, participants’ wallets must prepare BNB and SWD.

They are also required to link their wallets to the official website of CryptoSword as that is the venue where the minting event will take place.

Details of the CryptoSword Event

It will cost 50 $SWD and 0.04 BNB to mint a Crypto Sword. Suffice to mention that there are different swords’ levels and each has its unique and different styles. The different levels are Common, Rare, Epic, Legend, Unique, and Myth.

Each Sword has the number of times they can fight each day and the level of rarity of each Sword type determines the rounds of fight possible. Swords with the lowest rarity (Common) can fight only one round while Swords with the highest rarity (Myth) can fight ten rounds every day.


The returns on the mint price of each SWD to the player is about 30% of each $SWD. It is important to mention that the winning rates of each Sword also differ. The winning rates are determined by the level of rarity just as it is in the rounds of fights they can participate in each day.

The highlights

Participants in the CryptoSword mint event would have access to the Sword, which they need to play the CryptoSword game. After the mint, players can challenge mysterious enemies. The sword level of each player will determine the fight levels they can undertake per time.

It should be noted that each level of the game boss also has different winning rates and available rewards. The reward is awarded in $SWD and each $SWD is equivalent to 5 USDT.

The rewards also have different bonus ratios and this is determined by the level of difficulty of the game. Suffice to mention that Boss has three different levels, which are Easy, Normal, and Difficult.

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