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Splinterlands Announces Social Media Challenge

As part of its commitment to keeping its community members engaged, Splinterlands has announced a new social media challenge on Splintertalk. The hit blockchain-backed trading card game mentioned the highlights of the challenge on its Twitter page and referred interested participants to visit the Splintertalk platform.

So, what is the challenge all about? Participants are to create and share something unique about the game, including stats, abilities, cards, and gameplay, among others. 

Details of the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge on Splintertalk

The goal of the challenge is to reward committed community members while making the game platform trending all week long. Here are the steps to participating in the event.

  • Create unique Splinterlands content on the HIVE blockchain. The content must be all about the game platform.
  • Format it to make it look good. The platform shares an ultimate markdown Tutorial and card images by level to help participants make great content.
  • Add your Splinterlands referral link to give your readers and viewers a direction to the Splinterlands.
  • Share your post on different social medial platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Publish0x, and YouTube, among others.
  • Add the tags; #play2earn and #splinterlands to get the post trending
  • Share your HIVE post on the comment section on Splintertalk with the link to your shared post.


The challenge will continue weekly, and each participant can get a maximum of two upvotes each week. That means you can only enter two posts each week, including the Battle Challenge. Suffice to mention that upvotes are done based on the curator’s discretion. That means upvotes are not guaranteed.

More Details about the Curation Process

According to the game platform, Splinterlands will manually curate the posts shared by participants. The team currently works with twelve expert community curators and some official team members with the power to upvote. The curation team will work together to upvote content in the order received.

Depending on the volume of content shared by participants, it may take a couple of days to catch up with everything. The game platform recommends that each participant drop the link to their shared content within two days of posting to enable the curation team to get to it. 

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