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PlayPoseidon Onboard Its DAO Governance Voting Project

PlayPoseidon, an action-based 2D shooter-defense play-to-earn game platform, has announced the onboarding of the PlayPoseidon NFT Project, including DAO Governance voting, on the platform.

With the new development, community members can now participate in the Governance voting process by signing up on the platform’s space on PlayPoseidon mentioned it will launch a few Economic changes to enable its players to begin voting for these changes.

Highlights of the Proposed Economic Changes

PlayPoseidon DAO Voting System: The game platform now calculates each player’s voting power using three factors:

  • Numbers of NFT Hero you own. One Hero is 100 points.
  • Number of Rare Treasure you have: One Rare Treasure is 12 points
  • Number of PPP you have in your on-chain BSC Wallet: One PPP is 1 point.
  • Number of PPP owned in the Liquidity Pool PPP/BNB pair in Pancakeswap: One PPP is 2 points.


The total points make up each player’s voting power.

Economic Changes Proposal: There are three proposals, each having a week for every community member to vote. The details are enumerated below:

  • Stops to Minting NFT Hero Tier C: According to the PlayPoseidon game platform, this change is a result of the fall in the price of PPP as playing at Tier C no longer offers adequate financial incentives to players. The game platform emphasizes that existing Hero Tier C is still upgradable, playable, and High Score Tier C is claimable. 
  • Cap F2P Minimum Share Ratio to Scholar for all Heroes at 50%: This is to enable NFT Hero owners under the Poseidon’s curse to have fair incomes from their NFT. The current value of the NFT Hero is equal to 100% minus the Hero Efficiency, but Cursed Hero has a low-income ratio. 
  • Boost F2P Offer Expiration Duration for all Hero Tiers: PlayPoseidon plans to increase the duration of Offer Expiration for all Tiers. Tier A will have a maximum of 21 days, Tier B 7 days, and Tier C 3 days. With this, NFT owners can spend less time renewing offers.

How to Vote in the PlayPoseidon DAO Governance

  • Click on the “Connect Wallet” to sign in to the platform.
  • Select your preferred proposal and click on “Vote”. The platform will prompt you to sign the vote in Metamask or your preferred wallet.
  • Click “Sign” to complete the voting process.

Note that the platform does not charge any transaction fee for the process.

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