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The Nemots Outlines the Basics of a Trading Card Game

The Nemots has issued the basics of a trading card game. This comes before the team announced that the alpha waitlist is now open for registration. As such, this tutorial is to intimate players on the intricacies of gameplay. Meanwhile, there will further update on other aspects and examples of TCG’s in subsequent articles.

Before giving a breakdown of gameplay, The Nemots gave insights to the history of a trading card game. These form of gaming first appeared in The Gathering in 1993. Also known as Collectible Card Game, they involve mixing strategic deck building elements with specific features.

The process begins with players getting a pre-arranged deck, which they will begin the trading process to customize their card. To build up their library, users can either acquire some from a booster pack or trade theirs with someone else’s. The aim is to create a library that will trump your opponent’s.

Basics of The Nemots Trading Card Game

The Nemots TCG

While different TCGs have their different approaches to gameplay, they all share some basic attributes. Here are some of the basic features of The Nemots Trading Card Game:

  • Deck Building: As stated above, one essential aspect of CCGs is constructing your library to have a formidable set of card. So much that they will outlast those of other players. However, this will be done according to a strict set of laid down rules.
  • Game Modes: In The Nemots, then common game mode is dual players and is between just two persons. However, the multiplayer version is also available for those that want to participate as a group.
  • Gameplay: The pattern of playing in TCGs is simple, draw cards to attack your opponent and reduce their health to zero. This involves everyone starting with a shuffled deck and taking turns to dish out damage to others. The loser is the one whose health gets to zero first.
  • Rules and Regulations: As mentioned above, there are certain rules that participants have to follow when playing Collectible Card Games. However, there are ways through which users can change or break these regulations to increase their chances of winning. One of such means is to hold a Rare Card that has rule-breaking effect and change the tide in your favour.

Alpha Waitlist Registration

The Nemots is seeking testers to try out its alpha game. To increase your chances of selection, you will have to register. Those who are chosen will get to try out the Burger Dog – a rabid pup that will protect you against your enemies.

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