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Age Of Tanks INO set for February 22nd

Altura is helping its partners – Age of Tanks (AOT) to launch their INO on the 22nd of February. The Age of Tanks INO will follow an AMA session from Altura. Announcement of this INO was made via Altura Medium Page. More details of this offering are as follows.

Details of the Age of Tanks INO

There will be two separate INOs, taking place on two separate platforms. One will take place on the Babylons marketplace. While the other will take place on the Altura marketplace. Each of these marketplaces will sell 150 Blind Box Voucher NFTs. The rarity of NFTs inside a box will determine the price for each Voucher Box in this sale. However, the general price for each NFT will be according to the 4th Feb Average $A.O.T Price of $0.12

In each Blind Box, there are 7 NFTs with different rarity levels. The colours of these NFTs will determine their rarity. Regardless of the variations, each box will have at least 1 mystic NFT. Below is the breakdown of Age of Tanks NFT rarity:

  • Common: Blue
  • Rare: Orange, Red
  • Epic: Green, Cyan
  • Legendary: Yellow, Purple
  • Mystic: Platinum, Gunmetal Gold

Age of Tanks INO Details

After the sale, players will be able to redeem their NFTs. This will take place on the AOT BETA Game website. Even better, Age of Tanks is assuring users that they will only get NFTs of Epic, Legendary and Mystic rarity level in this sale. There will also be different bonuses for each of these boxes. These bonuses will be according to the prizes of each mystery box. Boxes worth 720 $BUSD will get a 20% bonus. While boxes worth 960 and 1080 $BUSD will each get 60% and 80% bonuses respectively.

Ensuring Fairness and Safety with Chainlink, Filecoin and IPFS

While participating in the INO, users will not know what NFT combination they will be getting. It is after the redemption that they will know what they got. This process can easily be seen as an unfair method. The more reason that AOT is partnering with chainlink to ensure fairness. Chainlink Verification of Randomness (CVR) generates a random number and cryptographic proof that the number is random. It then verifies the proof on-chain before publishing it.

As a value provider, security is one of the most important concerns of Age of Tanks. As such, the game is partnering with Filecoin and IPFS. These are complementary protocol tools for storing and sharing data in web3. IPFS is the foundation of Filecoin and helps to create a decentralized storage marketplace for long-term storage.

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