Splinterlands Releases Highlights of Its Town Hall Meeting
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Splinterlands Releases Highlights of Its Town Hall Meeting

Splinterlands, the next-gen collectible card game, recently held its town hall meeting. To keep its community members abreast of the details of the discussion during the event, especially those absent, it has released a summary of the meeting.

The topics of discussion at the event focused on Waka Flocka Collaboration Updates, Company Updates, and a Q&A session.

Summary of Discussion on Company Updates

The team talked about the development updates, which focus on the current roadmap. The game platform will release modern/wild ranked format, SPS validators, and Land Expansion V1.0. Additionally, it will release tons of other minor enhancements and features each week from now.

Highlights of the Marketing Updates

According to the team, the Waka Flocka collaboration is something that the company looked forward to and it will be one of more to come.

The team also mentioned that a Gleam event will commence shortly to allow community members to get Imagine Dragon’s concert tickets. They also intimate that the stream team will kick off soon and this will provide round-the-clock stream service.


Highlights of the Creative Updates

The team revealed that the Waka Flocka countdown is live on the Shop page. The game platform is currently taking steps to ensure that the final Shop page is ready before the countdown gets to zero. They also revealed that several new arts for modern/wild forms have been designed.

The designs include new backgrounds and new reward chests, among others. The platform has also released a new Tome of Chaos story, which is called “These Strange Gods”. The team also mentioned that the SplinterBites v2.0 will roll out soon.

Summary of Tournaments

The Splinterlands team revealed that tournaments are ready and the rollout is imminent. The team addressed different pain points regarding the tournaments. This includes the entry requirements, which will feature SPS Staked & Collection Power, and Disparity in Competition.

The team is currently working on the “Streamer Mode” because the current battle system is not perfect for streamers. The goal is to make the tournaments impact new players, to allow them to engage for long.

Highlights of DYGYCON

DYGYCON is a bi-monthly virtual convention that allows community members to connect with the crypto community. The event is scheduled to hold on March 18-20 and will feature numerous booths hosted by various projects. Participants will have the chance to win sweet swag.

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