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Splinterlands Introduces Battle Mage Secrets, a New Weekly Challenge


  • Splinterlands introduces the weekly challenge “Battle Mage Secrets” to test the strategic skills of all players.
  • Participants will engage in epic battles under the “Even Stevens” rule set, which limits the use of units to those with even mana costs.
  • To participate, players must create a post with a link to a video of their battle that complies with the rules, with a submission deadline two days before the payout.

The Splinterlands community is pleased to announce the launch of the weekly challenge “Battle Mage Secrets”. This challenge has been designed to test the strategic skills of all players, from the most experienced to newcomers.

In this challenge, named the “Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge”, participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their tactical prowess by engaging in epic battles under a specific set of rules. This week, the challenge focuses on the “Even Stevens” rule set, which restricts the use of units to those with even mana costs. This restriction adds a new level of complexity to battles, challenging players to think creatively and adapt to circumstances.

To participate in the challenge, players must create a post that includes a link to a video of one of their battles that complies with the specified rule set. The submission deadline is two days before the post payout, allowing curators enough time to review all entries before the next challenge begins.

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Splinterlands Warns of Bans for Those Who Attempt to Cheat

Additionally, to ensure that all posts are clear and easy to read, a Markdown formatting tutorial has been provided to help participants format their posts properly. Players are also encouraged to share their posts on social media and provide links in the comment section of the challenge, which will help increase visibility and participation in the Splinterlands community.

To reward participants for their effort and dedication, those who follow all the challenge rules will receive up to two upvotes per week from the official Splinterlands account on the platform. However, it is important to note that upvotes are not guaranteed and are subject to the discretion of curators.

Finally, it is important to remind all players that fair play is fundamental in Splinterlands. Any attempt to use multiple accounts to participate in the challenge will result in community bans and exclusion from future contests.

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