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Solana’s Nyan Heroes Launches Pre-Alpha Demo and Teams Up with G2 Esports for Epic Collaboration


  • The pre-alpha version of “Nyan Heroes” has been launched on the Epic Games Store, developed by 9 Lives Interactive and based on Solana.
  • The collaboration with G2 Esports aims to boost the game’s presence in esports. G2 will promote it on social media and facilitate participation of players and influencers.
  • Exhibition events between esports organizations have been scheduled to showcase the game’s competitive potential.

The pre-alpha version of “Nyan Heroes” has been released on the Epic Games Store. Developed by 9 Lives Interactive and based on Solana, this hero shooter has garnered significant interest among fans since its announcement.

One of the most exciting news for the “Nyan Heroes” community is its collaboration with G2 Esports, one of the most prominent esports organizations worldwide. This partnership aims to enhance the game’s presence in the esports realm and establish a more direct connection with the player community.

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G2 Esports has committed to supporting “Nyan Heroes” through various initiatives. Firstly, they will promote the game on their social media and communication channels, thereby increasing its visibility. Additionally, G2 players and influencers will actively participate in playing and streaming the game, helping to expand its reach to a wider audience.

Furthermore, exhibition matches will be held among the leading esports team organizations. The goal is to showcase the competitive potential of “Nyan Heroes,” engage the community, and build excitement around the game.

Nyan Heroes Has Over 450,000 Potential Players Waiting

“Nyan Heroes” features characters inspired by cats and unique gameplay mechanics. The game has managed to rank among the top 10 most-wished-for games on the platform. Moreover, it has attracted over 450,000 potential players eagerly awaiting the opportunity to try it out and experience its gameplay.

The trial is scheduled to continue until April 9. In addition to allowing players to experience the game before its official release. This trial is also linked to a token airdrop campaign for the NYAN token on the Solana network.

Max Fu, Creative Director and CEO of 9 Lives Interactive. Expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration with G2 Esports and the potential for “Nyan Heroes” to become an esports phenomenon. Donald Boyce, Head of Business Development at G2 Esports, highlighted 9 Lives Interactive’s innovative approach to creating new gaming experiences.

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