GensoKishi Metaverse Will Introduce Amazing New Features
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GensoKishi Metaverse Will Introduce Amazing New Features


  • Cosplay Reforge Function: A new feature allowing players to customize Cosplay Equipment by rerolling additional effect parameters using experience points, “Universal fiber,” or identical equipment.
  • 3rd UGC Contest Winners: The announcement and display of winning entries from the 3rd User-Generated Content (UGC) Contest, highlighting community creativity within the GensoKishi ecosystem.
  • High-rise Dragon Tower & MV Staking v2.0: The upcoming release of the High-rise Dragon Tower and an enhanced MV staking system with new reward distribution methods and rules to be detailed in a future announcement.

The GensoKishi Metaverse is set to introduce a host of new features and improvements that promise to enhance the gaming experience for its dedicated community. The announcement comes with a detailed outline of what players can expect in the coming updates.

One of the most anticipated updates is the addition of the “Cosplay Reforge” function. This innovative feature allows players to reroll additional effect parameters on Cosplay Equipment, providing a deeper level of customization and strategy. Players can perform the reforging by consuming experience points and “Universal fiber” or by using an identical piece of equipment as material.

In a move to increase player engagement, GensoKishi Online has also announced the unveiling of the winning entries for the 3rd UGC Contest. The contest page now displays the creative works that have captured the hearts of the community, showcasing the immense talent within the GensoKishi ecosystem.

Furthermore, the platform is improving user experience with the introduction of features related to changes in registered email addresses and wallet addresses. These changes aim to provide users with more control and security over their accounts.

Anticipation Builds for GensoKishi’s High-rise Dragon Tower Release

GensoKishi Metaverse Will Introduce Amazing New Features

The maintenance notice also hints at the release of the High-rise Dragon Tower, an exciting new addition that has been postponed to ensure the best possible experience for players. The team is dedicated to refining the content and will announce a specific release date soon.

Additionally, the Metaverse is enhancing its MV staking system with the introduction of MV staking v2.0. This new version comes with different reward distribution methods and rules, details of which will be shared in a separate announcement.

The update also addresses several issues, including improvements in the tutorial quest, NPC interactions, and fixes for various in-game bugs. These corrections are part of GensoKishi’s commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable gaming environment.

As the GensoKishi Metaverse continues to evolve, these updates reflect the team’s dedication to innovation and community satisfaction. Players can look forward to an enriched gaming experience with more control, customization, and content to explore.

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