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Splinterlands Organizes the Splinterlands Art Contest

Splinterlands is organizing the Splinterlands Art Contest. This is in line with its weekly art contests for creators. This time around, the game will offer artists the opportunity to tokenize their arts to the Splinters audience. Announcement of this competition was made via the Splintertalk Website. Here are the details.

Details of the Splinterlands Arts Contest

This is a weeklong competition. Therefore, it will run from Sunday the 13th Saturday the 19th of February. Deadline for submission is by 5:00 PM on February 19th. The top ten winners will win 10 booster packs. For some time now, Splinterlands have been organizing weekly art contests. For the records, this is the 176th week of this competition.

Although this contest has been ongoing for years, it is only of recent that some changes are being made. Recently, the game decided to give creators an opportunity to feature their artworks on Splintertalk. Starting from this week’s contest, Splinterlands game is taking the art contest to a whole new level.The game is now keeping watch on the various art submissions for high quality pieces. This is because it plans to empower some artists within the Splinter community.

It will select some artists to mint their NFT art on the new Splinterchampions account. Although the listing will be on this official account, creators will still get credit for their work. More so, the aim of this project is to enable creatives to reach a wider target audience using the Splinterchampions platform.

How to Participate in this Competition

Splinterlands Art Contest Submissions

Splinterlands Art Contest for week 176 is an open-ended contest for Splinterlands inspired creations. In this regard, anyone can participate. Also, you can either create an art based on the current card or be innovative. Entries for this competition can include:

  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Digital Art
  • Logos
  • Blog Dividers
  • Blog Footers
  • New Card Ideas
  • Mixed Media Art
  • Dolls
  • Computer Generated Art

Rules and Regulations

  • Ensure to post your creation on your own Hive account. This is because winning packs will be sent to the accounts you use in submitting your artwork
  • You can only submit one entry.
  • In addition, ensure to describe and show the steps of the content creation process.
  • Submit the original artwork. Avoid submitting someone else’s artwork or artworks for another purpose.
  • Also, do not rebrand or reuse an old artwork. It must be something new.
  • All the creations must be inspired by Splinterlands.
  • Include a picture with your link in the comments.
  • Do not embed your link.
  • Upvotes are up to the curator’s discretion and there are no guarantees.

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