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Decentraland Introduces the DAO Transparency OS

As a community driven project, Decentraland constantly seeks to increase community contribution and participation. However, decentralization involves transparency involves the free flow of information. In his regard, it is introducing the DAO Transparency OS. Announcement of this new operating system was made via the Decentraland Blog.

For some time, most blockchain firms often limit being transparent to just information. However, data also needs to be transparent. In a proper transparent DAO, a smart contract or transaction ID on a blockchain scanner is not enough. In this regard, Decentraland is making data and information available to everyone. Not just to everyone, but in different formats to suit different audiences.

DAO Transparency OS – For a Better Community Decision-Making

The idea behind this operating system is to ensure that everyone who holds MANA understand every data. Their understanding of data is crucial towards a better decision-making. DAO Transparency OS is a collection of tools that will increase community trust and engagement. The goals of this project involve:

  • Making information easily understandable, regardless of the individual’s knowledge of blockchain.
  • Ensuring that it is easy to audit data and reports. It should also be easy to modify reports

Components of this Operating System

Decentraland DAO

As mentioned earlier, the DAO Transparency OS is a collection of tools. They include the following

  • Github Repository: The Github repository will remain the foundation of this OS. Every contribution to this project will start from this repo. Users can find code, the sources and the calculations Decentraland uses to mine and publish data.
  • Public Spreadsheet: away from the repository, there will also be a public spreadsheet. On this sheet, the game will publish data in a simpler format. Users without knowledge of code can view, download or edit this spreadsheet.
  • Insight Dashboard: Furthermore, Decentraland will regularly collect report and mined data on the public spreadsheet. After collating these reports and date, it will organize them into a dashboard. The dashboard includes the following categories: proposals, VP Distribution & Participation, Grants and DAO Balances.
  • Transparency Page: finally, it will be including a new section in the Governance dApp – Transparency Page. In this page, users will find a high-level report of the DAO’s treasure. You can also get a report of the number of active members on the Decentraland platform.

Subsequently, the blockchain game will issue subsequent reports of it plans to ensure transparency. These include reporting and building dashboards for the operations of the different committees the DAO hosts. In the meantime, it will be gathering community feedback. This feedback will enable them to improve on its current plans.

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