Metakey NFT Pushes the NFT Utility and Interoperability Boundaries
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Metakey NFT Pushes the NFT Utility and Interoperability Boundaries

The Metakey is a multi-platform NFT. It can be used on multi-platforms and can transform into game items, avatars, virtual land access, course material, exclusive game perks, and more. It is designed to explore and push the NFT utility and interoperability boundaries using a single key.

With this key, holders can access hundreds of use-cases in the web3 environment now and in the future. Holders can also connect with numerous compelling projects as they launch. The metaverse will partner with emerging and established NFT-native artists to create iconic art pieces and collectibles NFT edition.

Suffice to mention that Metakey is an experiment that explores the limitless use cases of blockchain technology and what it can bring to a token.

How the Metakey NFT Works

Currently, games like The Sandbox, Decentraland, Ethermon, and Neon District have signed up with Metakey. That means players of these games will have in-game access to specific items, outfits, or guns as long as they have a Metakey in their wallets.

Beyond gaming, holders of the Metakey can also gain access to exclusive discount coupons, airdrops, giveaways, and physical merchandise. Individuals with specific art NFTs from associates of Metakey will gain access to a secret open area in Decentraland.

The edition and number of Metakeys that you own can increase your chances of exploring these secret open areas and events.

metakey nft

Highlights of Metakey NFT Releases

To date, 4 editions of Metakeys have been released and sold out. The first edition was designed by Alan Bolton and consists of 500 Genesis NFT. The second edition was designed by RTFKT Studios and contains 750 Artifact NFTs.

The third and fourth editions were designed by MarcOmatic and Jair Marino respectively. They contain 1000 Ultimate and 7500 Captain NFTs respectively. Suffice to mention that the first three editions of NFTs are the “Collectors Editions”. Everyone that collects all three is referred to as a “Keymaster”. The Keymaster title grants the user some exclusive perks.

What’s More to Expect from Metakey

The Metakey platform is currently working on its 2D avatar project. The 2D avatar will be available to all keyholders and they can mint it for free. These avatars can generate wearable NFT drops, physical merchandise, exclusive NFT art drops, and the Metakrew Lore portal.

Each Krewmate will get an animated 3D model with Discord calls and Vtuber rigs for Zoom, among others. Additionally, each Kremate will have full VR character rigs, which will enable VR integration.

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