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Age of Dragons Announces the Release of its Playable Demo

Age of Dragons, a play-to-earn medieval metaverse, has announced the release of its playable demo. The demo has been released to give gamers a taste of the next-gen blockchain game that will revolutionalize the gaming industry.

Every interested player can access the pre-alpha demo before the actual launch of the token. It is worth mentioning that MetaXSeed is the brain behind the development and release of the Age of Dragons play-to-earn game. MetaXSeed currently uses its native token $XSEED as the in-game asset for its games.

The token belongs to a special ecosystem where developers and gamers can earn rewards from airdrops, transaction revenues, profit share, and priority access to all seed rounds for incubated projects and genesis NFTs, among others.

$DRAGON: The New Utility Token

As part of its unique features and independence from MetaXSeed, Age of Dragons will have its separate utility token, $DRAGON. This token will be used by players for transactions relating to Age of Dragons on the MetaXSeed marketplace. They can use the token to exchange other assets and NFTs to increase their earning potential.

The Age of Dragons play-to-earn game features a wide variety of dragons that players can hunt, ranging from frost to fire, and with various attributes that contribute to their rarity scale. Players can own multiple dragons, which will give them the opportunity to create exquisite dragon eggs, which can be hatched or traded in the market.

age of dragons

There are many opportunities and exciting resources that players can access on the Age of Dragons platform. Players must be ready to engage in land management, tough decision-making, and resource gathering to stay a step ahead, so they don’t become prey to the enemies.

Players can also earn passive income through different staking opportunities. Holders of $DRAGON tokens can also choose to get rewarded with $DRAGON tokens or improve their characters’ battle capabilities, land, and weapons. 

What Technologies are Used in the Age of Dragons?

MetaXSeed implements the latest technologies for game development and blockchain, and the game platform is set to take over the NFT Gaming and Play-to-earn domain.

It will do this by using the most advanced gaming engines and the best scaling solution for Ethereum. With the utilization of the powerful Polygon, players can access low transaction fees while maintaining the security of their assets.

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