Decentraland Desktop Client Beta Launch
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Decentraland Launches Desktop Client Beta

Decentraland – a blockchain-based metaverse launches the beta version of its desktop client. It further announces that the version for computers is almost ready for launch. This news comes after earlier updates that the in-world builder is available to non-land owners. Here are the details.

The Decentraland Desktop Client Beta

To ensure that the desktop client offers users the best experience, Decentraland is launching the beta edition. Furthermore, it is encouraging its community members to participate in the experience and give their feedback. After all, it is their participation and feedback that is helping in the progress towards the full launch. Interested persons can download the beta version for PCs from Decentraland’s website.

On the website, you will be prompted to download the client. Simply download it, connect your wallet and start gaming. Join the foundation discord server to share your opinion with the dev team. On the discord server, navigate to the #desktop-client-beta channel and drop a message. Participants should use the official link above to avoid falling victims to scams. Also, the organization will never ask you for your secret keyphrase or any private data.

At the time of this announcement, the desktop client beta is only available to PCs running on the Windows OS. The Mac OS compatibility will follow next. After which the game will be available on the Linux OS. Also, players will not be able to connect to gameplay using WalletConnect. As such, they can only use Metamask Wallet to connect and begin playing.

Furthermore, Decentraland is encouraging players to try out the desktop client beta. According to the foundation, it will be able to launch the full version faster if it gets more participation. By playing the game and giving their feedback, the dev team will have more options to work with. This will also enable them to design a desktop client that will be an improvement on the web clients.

Why Users Should Support the Desktop Version?

Decentraland Desktop Client Beta

Although the foundation is encouraging players to support the desktop client, it is users themselves who will benefit from this version. Anyone who has used the web version and the app version of any service can tell the difference. The same goes for the PC edition of the Decentraland game. With this version of gameplay, players will enjoy a smoother user experience.

The reason is that it will be much faster and stable as well as offer better graphics. This will in turn ensure that their playing gaming experience is more immersive. More importantly, the launch of the desktop client does not mean that Decentraland will discontinue the web version. They will operate alongside each other.

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