Illuvium Launches The GameStop D1SK sale
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Illuvium Launches The GameStop D1SK sale

Illuvium has launched the GameStop D1SK sale for a limited period. Interested persons can obtain a specially branded GameStop Illuvitar when they purchase one unit of this NFT. The avatars players will get are pre-bonded with accessories, backgrounds, expressions, and other finishes.

Shortly after announcing this merchandising event, Illuvium released the modified version of the Illuvium Beyond and GameStop NFTs buyer’s Guide. This document details the step-by-step process involved in purchasing a digital asset. It also contains specific information about probable body parts and abilities of these avatars.

Besides in-game use, there are other benefits of owning this NFT. For example, everyone who purchases these D1Sks will have early access to Illivium games. This applies to Illuvium Overworld and Illuvium Arena gameplay options.

Details of the Illuvium GameStop D1SK Sale

Details of the Illuvium GameStop D1SK Sale

The GameStop D1Sk Sale will begin by 10:00 PM UTC on the 12th of June. Each GameStop D1SK is available at a fixed price of 0.029 $ETH. Users can mint it from the Illuvitar marketplace. Interested buyers must consider gas fees in addition to the price of the asset. The wallet they will connect to the trading platform must have the right amount of Ethereum for transactions to be successful.

There are two conditions guiding the continuation of this exercise. The first one is a time frame where these 20,000 units of these digital assets will be made available to the public. Illuvium is allocating 72 hours from the launch date for users to get an Illuvitar for themselves.

Since it is only 3 days, everyone should make a purchase as soon as possible. On the other hand, the number of NFTs is fixed. Therefore, the sale can also end if the available ones are sold out.

Players who purchase an NFT from the Illuvium GameStop D1Sk sale will get an avatar. Meanwhile, the process will follow the mystery box pattern. As such, people cannot ascertain the specific in-game character that they will get. Instead, every Illuvitar will have 100 possible combinations that will be constituted by the following:

  • 3 expressions: Common, Uncommon, or Rare.
  • 6 base portraits between Tier 0 to Tier 3.
  • 3 background stages and 5 color variations
  • 2 finishes: Holo or Colored

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