IQ Market is Live with The Red Village Available on Polygon
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IQ Market is Live with The Red Village Available on Polygon

The IQ Market is a special place where users can benefit from the IQ protocol and easily rent products. So, whether you are getting something for rent or listing your rentable items, the process is very easy. It also lets you do it on your own terms, and that is what this platform is all about.

Perhaps the biggest part of this new development is that IQ Labs is sponsoring a new tournament as well and it includes The Red Village (TRV). What makes it unique is that players can win US$35k, and it will use rented assets only. $25K will be for the Single Player Tournament, and $10k will go to The New Blood Faction Tournament.

The platform will let users put things up for rent with highly customizable terms for renting. So, new players can also enjoy it, even if they have no credit in their wallet.

What is The Red Village?

TRV is a 3D game on Polygon that comes with two modes for players. One is the Tournament mode, and players from around the world can join it. The second mode is “To-the-Death”, which lets the winner of the match take the loser’s NFT.

What is The Red Village?

Champions are the characters you play as, and they are also the NFTs. They come in many types and classes, and each one offers unique abilities and skills. Additionally, you can improve them as well as you play and win tournaments. The platform will also add a breeding protocol in the future.

Why Choose IQ Market and IQ Protocol?

According to TRV’s CCO, the reason they went with IQ Market is the high level of competence and tech savviness their team has. Their role in making this whole thing a huge success is also a big reason for them to choose this platform.

What makes it even more exciting is that a new RPG game is also going to come out later called The Red Village: Darklands. This open world experience will make this partnership even more valuable for both parties. It will follow the likes of The Witcher, Elden Ring, Skyrim, and Diablo to give a great open world experience.

Great Future for Both

IQ Labs and TRV joining hands will lead to a lot of rentals on the platform, and the easy terms make it even more enticing. So, players can use TRV assets with easy terms and even an empty wallet.

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