The Red Village Announces The Training Ground Cup
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The Red Village Announces The Training Ground Cup

The Red Village is launching the Training Ground Cup. This is a free championship that aims to promote discovery and unlock Champion Scouting Reports. The team intends to use the data that this competition will generate for TRVTools third-party data site.

While this is a free and simple contest, players whose champions have completed the SEER ELO summaries will have an advantage. They can use this edge to progress through the weekly qualifications and gain access to the $5,000 Championship.

Details of The Red Village Training Ground Cup

The Training Ground Cup will run from the 6th to the 19th of June. This championship will begin with qualifying rounds, each of which will have their respective rewards. There are unlimited rounds in the qualifying stages, and players must complete at least 50 battles. The reason is that only those who engage in a minimum of 50 duels will unlock CSR.

In addition, participants will earn 4 tickets for every battle they engage in. This applies to those who do less, equal, or more than 50. More so, those who unlock Champion Scouting Reports will get 1 ticket for every battle they complete. This applies to both free and paid tournaments.

Details of The Red Village Training Ground Cup

The rules of the Training Ground Cup are very simple. One of them is that battle masters can only receive points when two champions or fewer join a single tournament. In addition, players will not be penalized or disqualified if they make mistakes during battles.

After the qualifying rounds, The Red Village will select 512 champions for the final series of the Training Ground Cup. These individuals will be opportune to share a $2000 prize pool that will be spread across 4 different rounds.

This stage is a one-day competition that will use an alternative payment structure for the remaining rewards. Instead of the regular format, it will share $800 using 12.5%, 12.5%, 25%, and 50% according to where each contestant ranks. Players can read more about the TGC terms and conditions.

Below is a breakdown of rewards to champions according to the stage they reach:

  • 1st round progression: $5
  • 2nd round progression: $15
  • 3rd round progression: $90
  • Standing in the final round: $145
  • 2nd position in the final round: $200
  • 1st position in the final round: $300

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