The Red Village Hazing from Hell Tournament Goes Live
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The Red Village Hazing from Hell Tournament Goes Live

The Red Village has launched the Hazing from Hell tournament. While announcing this contest, TRV also added that the next summoning series will also begin today. Participants will get the opportunity to win massive $USD prizes. Meanwhile, the team will also announce the winners of the Give Back Championship.

This is a Blooding Championship for every newbie champion in the Village. It is also known as the HH competition, and it is designed for new players (halfbloods). This contest is held alongside every new Summoning Cycle, and it is a way of giving back to the community. The size of the summoning cycle determines the size of the prize pool of every Hazing from Hell tournament. However, the minimum rewards are usually 500 $USD or more.

Details of The Red Village Hazing from Hell Tournament

Details of The Red Village Hazing from Hell Tournament

Meanwhile, only champions who are summoned in the current cycle can join this competition. The Red Village Hazing from Hell is a great way to introduce new players to the gameplay process. Participating in this contest will better acclimatize newbies to the fun and brutal process of being a TRV champion.

Players will only engage in classic 8-player battles, including Bloodbath. They must complete at least 8 games to be eligible for rewards. Reverse payouts, win-rate, double-ups, conditionals, 1v1s alternate payouts, and class-specific competitions are not eligible for this championship. Bonus points will only be awarded to paid tournaments.

Users will get the following scores, depending on their positions:

  • 1st position: 30 points
  • 2nd position: 20 points
  • Placed: 10 points
  • Lost: 0 points

Anyone who completes 10 tournaments during the Hazing from Hell qualifiers without having more than 2 strikes will get 250 wisdom points as a bonus. Participants can only join 35 tournaments in the Double H championship. Every champion will be judged according to their best 8 tournaments in a role.

Players can still join further tournaments after completing the 35 contests. However, the results from the subsequent championships will not count when the eight-streak will be used for the leaderboard ranking.

Nevertheless, strikes and rules will still apply after the completion of the 35 championships. This will ensure that gameplay is fair and prevent Battlemasters from blocking each other from climbing up the leaderboard. Interested participants should read the HH Terms and Conditions.

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