Menya Dragon Ramen Announces Pre-release of Skill Hidden Book
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Menya Dragon Ramen Announces Pre-release of Skill Hidden Book

Menya Dragon Ramen has introduced a new feature called the Skill Hidden Book, which allows employees to learn new skills. The Skill Hidden Book feature makes all the battles more tactical and interesting. By learning new skills, Employees can become stronger, and players can expand opportunities for their favorite Employees to play an active role.

Obtaining the Menya Dragon Ramen Skill Hidden Book

At the time of the pre-release, Skill Hidden Book with rarity N is available without requiring DEAPcoin. So, you can get it from the Goku coin Shop, or may be given as an event reward. In the future, Skill Hidden Books with higher rarity will come out that contain more special and powerful skills, but they will require more DEAPcoin to use.

Using the Menya Dragon Ramen Skill Hidden Book

To use the Skill Hidden Book, you need to select an Employee who will master a new skill. Then, you need to execute the mastery, where one skill will be randomly mastered from the five skills in the book. The skill mastered will overwrite one existing skill possessed by the Employee.

Using the Menya Dragon Ramen Skill Hidden Book

Selecting Employees and Hidden Books

It is important to select the right Employee and Skill Hidden Book as the choice affects the skill that mastering happens for. When selecting Employees, you need to consider their existing skills and the new skills they can learn from the book. You can choose to stop mastering new skills if you do not want to exchange, but the Skill Hidden Book will still be in use.

Key Notes on Menya Dragon Ramen

The Skill Hidden Book feature is similar to the Succession feature, but using the Hidden Book does not reduce the Employee’s Succession Count. Also, the game platform stated that its system does not create new NFT Employees through this feature. All the skills in the Skill Hidden Book have the same probability in the draw. To master a skill, you need to select one existing skill and overwrite it.

Future Plans

The official release date for the Skill Hidden Book is not final yet, and the features of the pre-release may see modifications and changes. Menya Dragon Ramen plans to release Skill Hidden Books containing mysterious skills and peaky skills in the future.

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