METAT8 to Launch VALID8TOR Open Axie Infinity Tournament on April 29th
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METAT8 to Launch VALID8TOR Open Axie Infinity Tournament on April 29th

METAT8 has announced that it will be launching the VALID8TOR Open Tournament on the 29th of April. This is an Axie Infinity type of competition that is open to all players globally. All Runes and Charms will be available for every stage of this contest. In addition, the team is also organizing The Machines Arena RON Cup on that same date.

Details of the METAT8 VALID8TOR Open Tournament

There are two phases of this competition. The first one is the Single Elimination Best-of-3. It will begin on the 29th of April and continue till the 8th of May. From the 8th of May, the second Single Elimination Best-of-3 rounds will begin. This will be followed by several Best-of-5 rounds till there are only 10 players left. The final will be a 10 Axie Pool.

The system will use a Rock, Paper, and Scissors format to decide who takes the first turn. Furthermore, the loser of the previous match will take the first turn. While the winner will not have the opportunity to make a preference.

In the case where there is a draw, players will have to take a rematch. The first draw will result in a rematch involving any Axies, Runes, and Charms across any position. Should this second match end in a draw, the winner will be anyone whose Axie had the highest HP before the final damage.

The METAT8 VALID8TOR Open Tournament will go live by 10:00 AM Singapore time. It takes a single-elimination format, and each team can only register one player. Meanwhile, there are limited slots for 256 players, and registration ends on the 28th of April. Therefore, interested participants should visit the community gaming website to register should do so as soon as possible.

How to Register

How to Register

Before you can join this tournament, you must register on the community gaming platform. In addition, contestants must register all their Axies while joining this tournament. Failure to do so may result in match forfeiture.

Follow these steps to complete the process:

  • Visit the Community Gaming website before the 29th of April.
  • Create an account.
  • Join the Community Gaming Discord server. Contestants can send a message to Xero#4118 if they have any questions, requests, or complaints.
  • Add your GAME NAME username in the Platform Links tab of your Account Settings. This step is important in helping the administrators match players with their opponents.

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