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Calvaria Presale Goes Live Today

Calvaria, a play-to-earn battle card game platform, has announced the launch of its NFT ($RIA) presale event, today, October 10, 2022.

Interested investors can purchase $RIA with stablecoin or ETH before the price skyrockets. The presale event is currently in the first stage and a total of 300,000 USDT of $RIA is available for sale during this event

Details of the Calvaria Presale Event

Currently, the price of the token is 1 USDT to 100 $RIA. At the time of writing this news piece, the game platform has sold 333,635 $RIA from the expected 30,000,000 $RIA it earmarked for this event. 

According to the game platform, the presale is limited and the price will continue to increase as it continues with the presale. As mentioned, the price is currently 1 USDT to purchase 100 $RIA. However, Calvaria mentioned the price will increase to 1 USDT for 80 $RIA as the event progresses. 


How to Buy Calvaria’s $RIA Token

It takes simple steps to complete the transaction process for buying the $RIA token. The first step is to log in to the Calvaria official website and locate the Presale Stage 1 pop-up. Next, click on “Buy Now” to enter the presale window. From here, you will be prompted to connect your wallet. Two compatible wallets for the event are MetaMask and WalletConnect. 

If you are yet, to install your wallet on your device, you have to do so before continuing. Follow the prompts for the installation and then connect your wallet. After connecting the wallet, Calvaria will take you through the purchase process to complete your transaction.

Highlights of the $RIA Giveaway

In celebrating the Presale launch, Calvaria is also hosting an RIA giveaway event where participants can win $100,000 worth of $RIA tokens. To become eligible to claim the prize, you must hold a minimum of the equivalent of $100 of the $RIA token on the day of the draw

Holding this amount of token makes you eligible to claim the equivalent of $100,000 in $RIA tokens. The first stage of the presale event is ongoing, and the current price is $1 to $RIA. During the second stage, it will become $1 to 80 $RIA, while the third stage will be $1 to 66 $RIA. The highlight of the rewards pool is as follows:

  • First Position: $100,000
  • Second Position: $50,000
  • Third Position: $20,000

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