DeFi Kingdoms Releases Pet Treating and Treat Crafting Update
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DeFi Kingdoms Releases Pet Treating and Treat Crafting Update

DeFi Kingdoms has released the Pet Treating update. This announcement informs players how their hero can bond with these in-game characters. It also includes creating the treats that users will feed their pets and how much this action will cost.

Details of DeFi Kingdoms Pet Treating Update

Pets are an essential part of the gameplay as they bond well with the Hero. However, these in-game characters still need proper care from players. They need feeding after working hard all through the day. To help players, DeFi Kingdom is issuing the Pet Treating Update. The announcement will enable users to understand when their pets are hungry. It will also equip them with information on how to craft treats and feed these digital creatures.

Pets are other hungry or satisfied at every point of gameplay. One way to identify their current state is through bonuses. The reason is that these creatures will only give you bonuses when they are not hungry. Giving food to your pets will make them satisfied and provide you with incentives for a particular period. Treats usually keep in-game creatures well-fed for 3-14 days.

Feeding the pet after the first bonding with a Hero will set its “Hungry At” status to a specific time in the future. Once this is done, people will be unable to feed their pets until, within 12 hours that they will go hungry again. There are no punishments for feeding pets once it is within the 12-hour period.

Meanwhile, the size and quality of treats determine how long a pet will stay before going hungry again. However, players cannot feed the in-game animal when the hero meditates or is on a quest. This implies that users will not get bonuses if their pet goes hungry during questing. In this regard, they should give treats to these virtual creatures before embarking on an adventure.

Types of Pet Treats and Provisions

Types of Pet Treats and Provisions

There are different types of pet treats. Each one has its cost of crafting, and period of duration.

Below are various treats, their prices and duration:

  • Regular Treats: 25 Gold and lasts up to 96 hours.
  • Premium Treats: 100 Gold, lasts up to 10 days. It also grants players an additional 2% boost from quests.

Players can visit Sheldon in the Crystalvale Marketplace or Nutritionist Ned in the Serendale Eastern Marketplace to craft a treat.

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