Illuvium Beyond All You Need to Know
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Illuvium: Beyond – ALl You Need to Know

Illuvium has released details of all you need to know about Illuvium: Beyond. This comes after the launch of Illuvium Beyond earlier this month. The team educates players on the game’s different aspects to enable them to settle into gameplay easily.

All You Need Aspect of Illuvium Beyond

Illuvium Beyond is a collectable card game that enables players to explore and compete with each other. Users will be opportune to collect and utilize personalized cards for different purposes. According to the press release, this gameplay option will be launched officially on the 7th of March 2023.

When the game goes live, players will have special versions of Illuvials. Each digital asset is hand-drawn and comes with three expressions and different backgrounds. Collecting all three expressions completes your albums and increases your ranking on the leaderboard. Meanwhile, the background of each card increases its power and adds an additional rarity level.

While accessories are vital, the Finish influences the appearance of an Illuvitar. They include colour and holo. While the former is common, holos are very rare, and those who discover them can celebrate at the launch party. Meanwhile, Illuvium may add more finishes in the future.

These NFTs will also have power ratings determined by their rarity levels. Accessories like body, skin, props, and eyes will be available for those looking to customize their NFTs. Like the cards themselves, each accessory has its rarity level. Furthermore, you can bond them permanently and create a personalized look for your avatar.

Illuvium Beyond will also have a Hub. This is the central location where players can do everything. They can add digital assets to your collection, purchase items from the marketplace, check the leaderboard or bond accessories. The team is encouraging users to bookmark it for easy access.

The Launch Party

Illuvium Beyond Launch Party

As mentioned earlier, Illuvium Beyond will go live on the 7th of March. Illuvium is throwing a party to celebrate this product release. This event will feature a music player and streaming of the latest illuvitars, accessories, etc. to mark this milestone achievement. There will also be a 10% discount for users who purchase 10 D1sks from the merch store.

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