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Chumbi Valley an RPG Play-to-Earn Game

Chumbi Valley is an RPG blockchain game with play-to-earn concepts that focuses on providing a familiar gaming experience. The game has all of the fundamental aspects we see in P2E games but tries to remove the blockchain technical elements so everyone can play it easily.

The team behind Chumbi Valley wants to provide a game that looks like beloved video games everyone has known since years ago. Because of this goal, the concepts and designs are very familiar for video gamers.

Building a community is among the top goals of the Chumbi Valley team. It is growing social communities very fast. The feedback mechanism is already run, and the team behind the game listens to feedback right from the beginning of developing it.


What is Chumbi Valley?

There are many blockchain games in the market that categorize in different genres and themes. Role-playing games or RPG games are among the most popular genres of video games. Chumbi Valley is an RPG game and benefits from blockchain technology as its fundamental network and transaction layer. The game will be launched on the Polygon network.

There are many reasons behind choosing Polygon as the fundamental blockchain layer of this game. The most important ones are almost zero fees for transactions and the high speed of settling transactions on this network. According to the litepaper, this game will be available for users on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Because of leveraging blockchain technology, the items and characters in the Chumbi Valley game are different from traditional video games. All of these assets are NFTs.

The game has a familiar theme for those who have played video games for a long time. In other words, it seems this blockchain game has a considerable focus on hardcore gamers. The assets and designs have a theme like classic successful games like Zelda, Stardew Valley, Pokemon, and Studio Ghibli.

The main world in the Chumbi Vallet is a mystical forest. Players will be immersed in this forest, and their biggest task is to raise creatures named Chumbi. Chumbi will work with the player and reward them with cryptocurrency tokens. The rewards will be paid because of farming, exploring, crafting, breeding, battling, and many more actions.

What are Chumbi?


As mentioned above, Chumbi is the name of the main character in Chumbi Valley. They’re mystical creatures who live in the mystic forest of the game. The design of these characters is like creatures we have seen in games like Pokemon.

Chumbi creatures have multiple abilities and characteristics. They have a spiritual bond with the forest of the game, for example. They use magical spells to maintain the forest. In a nutshell, the forest in Chumbi Valley is protected by Chumbi.

Although the game is designed to be a P2E one, there is no need for an initial investment in this game. Every player will have an Ancestor Chumbi at the beginning of the game. This creature helps the player start the adventure and learn the basics. Users can’t sell or trade their ancestor Chumbi.

Leveling up your Chumbi is one of the tasks in this game. You can improve your Chumbi in numerous ways. Chumbi level, Chumbi spells, and Chumbi happiness can level up. All of these improvements help you increase Chumbi’s reward potential.

For example, the higher level your Chumbi has, it can defeat stronger enemies and, therefore, receive better rewards. Chumbi spells can be improved to make the creature stronger in collecting valuable in-game resources. Creatures with higher spell levels can even gather rewards when the player is offline.

The NFT theme in Chumbi creatures is designed somehow that each creature will be unique. The uniqueness comes from the combination of body parts which are: type, coat, ears, horns, eyes, mouth, and pattern. There are many choices available for creating a Chumbi, and therefore, each creature is almost unique.

Besides, sometimes breeding results in rare body parts for your character that can make it super rare and valuable.

Next to the characters that are playable by gamers, there are some default enemies in this game. Cursed Chumbi are the creatures that attack anything. Players have to defeat them to eliminate a curse that is in the mystic forest.



There are numerous gameplay types in this play-to-earn game. It provides lots of opportunities for players with various gaming types. Some of them are passive gameplays, while others need continuous playing of the game.

Forest Home

Forest home is where you start your journey in the Chumbi Valley. It’s where you meet your first Chumbi and learn to work with it. As mentioned above, the goal is to work with the creature and earn rewards.

You can gradually expand your team with the help of the Chumbi. Gathering resources for crafting unique NFT items start in this forest home.

Improving the home, clearing the overgrown, and training other new creatures make you an expert Chumbi trainer in the game.


You should explore the in-game world to find more rewards. Powering up an ancient portal is the first step of exploring the forest. There are randomly generated terrains in the game that each player will start exploring—exploration results in finding rare NFT items. But don’t forget the cursed Chumbi.

You should fight them as well when exploring the forest. There are natural time spending themes in the game like day and night, weather, and seasons that make the exploration unique and enjoyable.


As the name implies, farming needs seeds in Chumbi Valley. You should find rare seeds in your exploration and start a farm to grow forest crops. These crops have many use cases in the game. They’re tokenized items and need continuous care from the player. The crops will grow gradually. You can combine them with the “Lucky Starts” of the forest and make some food for your creature.


Offline Rewards

One of the unique specs of this game happens when you’re offline. When you have Chumbi with strong levels and abilities, they can earn rewards even when you’re offline. They learn and automatically gather in-game resources. Your creature should go to the Chumbi Sage and earn spells to be able to earn rewards. The spells are used for watering crops, chopping wood, collecting stones, catching fish, and many more activities.

Chumbi Fostering

Fostering is a unique feature of this game that creates business opportunities. You can send your Chumbi to other players and give them back on request. Your creature will work for the other player and thus, brings an adjustable percentage of rewards for you. The businesses that are created around this feature will help the ecosystem grow, and the players will have mutual interactions with each other.

Chumbi Village

There is a village in this game, too. There are plots of land in this village that are all NFTs. Players can own these NFT lands and do many things on them. Players can work on their plots, chat, show off their rare items, trade, shop, and do many more things on their NFT lands in the village.

When you own land in the village, you will have access to some special events like capturing wild Chumbi or fighting next to other players against the giant cursed Chumbi.

Chumbi (CHMB) and Lucky Stars (LSTS)

There are two tokens in this RPG blockchain game. Each of them with unique use cases and tokenomic details.

Primary Token CHMB (in-game purchases)

Purchasing items in this game needs tokens. CHMB is the native token for purchases. It will eventually be deflationary. As a result, players are incentivized to hold the token more. It results in a price rise for CHMB.

There are many use cases for CHMB tokens in the game. The most important one is paying for the goods and assets like new Chumbi, breeding fees, Sage fees, Wandering Trader items, land plots, and marketplace purchases. The CHMB tokens should be bought and burnt to make the token eventually deflationary. “Chumbi Treasury” is responsible for doing so.

CHMB holders will have the opportunity to participate in game development and roadmap. The game is planned to finally become fully decentralized. So, the CHMB holders can participate in voting in the DAO/DAC mechanism of the game. The total max supply for this token is 30,000,000,000, and the initial circulating supply is 450,000,000.

Secondary Token LSTS (Play to Earn Rewards)

Lucky Starts or LSTS is designed to mainly power the P2E system in the game. The total supply is infinite for this token, but it will be burnt in various parts of the game like breeding, leveling, improving spells, and happiness. As a result, the token will be very valuable in the game because it’s required for progressing the game.

There are many ways to earn LSTS in Chumby Valley. You can battle other players or strong cursed Chumbi and earn it. Exploring, completing quests, farming, and gathering resources are other ways of earning LSTS in this game. Besides, you can sell your in-game assets and earn the token.


Chumbi Valley is an RPG blockchain game that can become a hit very easily. It has all of the interesting concepts of video games like a great story, mystic world, and improvement possibilities for characters next to the interesting P2E concepts.

The design is familiar for hardcore gamers, and there are numerous ways to earn tokens in this game. Some believe it can be the greatest hit of blockchain games in 2022.

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