Nakamoto Games New Marketing Strategy
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Nakamoto Games Announces New Marketing Strategy

Nakamoto Games has announced its plans to introduce and implement a new marketing strategy. Recently, the GameFi ecosystem has been introducing new initiatives and attaining significant milestones. A recent example is launching 40+ new games to reach 100 gaming options players can enjoy.

Thanks to the recent exploits, there has been an equivalent growth in the community. As of the time of the press release, Nakamoto Games has more than 400,000 registered users. In this regard, using the same public relations approach will not cut across everyone. This is why the team is taking a Three-Pronged Marketing Approach to enable it to reach every type of user in its ecosystem.

Details of Nakamoto Games New Marketing Strategy

nakamoto games new markerting

Nakamoto Games New Marketing Strategy is divided into three parts. The team has identified the diverse members of its ecosystem and each marketing approach to their corresponding audience. Public relations and promotions will cater to everyone’s needs, from traditional players to developers. There will also be a focus on investors, as there are plans to expand market reach.

The first part of Nakamoto Games New Marketing Strategy will focus on the gamers who engage in gameplay. These individuals are here for the fun and the team will cater for their needs by introducing more fun-filled content. The team is partnering with streamers who enjoy the features of different games in this web3 ecosystem.

These individuals will promote the exciting aspect of gaming. Through this initiative, Nakamoto intends to show non-crypto and web2 players the benefits of blockchain games.

The second marketing approach will focus on developers and innovators. This approach encourages builders who have finished projects to integrate them into the $NAKA ecosystem. The team is making the Software Development Kit accessible to everyone. This will enable gaming studios to create play-to-earn games that benefit community members.

Both marketing approaches mentioned above are centered on the direct beneficiaries. However, this does not imply that Nakamoto Games is ignoring the traditional method in its new marketing strategy. The team will still work with guilds, influencers, marketing platforms and communities.

Since its establishment, Nakamoto has used these third parties to promote its products. It will continue to work with these individuals and establishments to inform the crypto world of the latest developments. Instead, the new marketing strategy will be united with existing methods.

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