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Nakamoto Games Launch 42 Games to Hit the 100 Games Target

The play-to-earn gaming platform, Nakamoto Games, has announced plans to launch 42 new games within the next seven days to hit the 100 games target for 2022. According to the game platform, all the new games are free-to-play with different themes.

These themes range from zombies to archery, gangsters, and golf, among others. Over the past few months, Nakamoto Games has introduced an NFT collection and 60 new games. It has also hosted $100,000 campaigns and tournaments for its community.

To top off this stellar performance for 2022, it is introducing 42 additional games to expand its game portfolio and hit its target.

Highlights of Some of the New Games 

As mentioned, all the new games are free-to-play and unique. Gamers can access them through any web browser and play them without owning Nakamoto Games’ NFTs. Here are some of the games you should watch out for in the new release.

Boy Adventure: This is a level-based side-scrolling shooter game. It offers gamers the opportunity to travel across worlds, navigate complicated terrain, and conquer enemies.

Cycle Stunts: This is an adrenaline-pumping game of composure and technique. It is time to take your skills to the next level as you launch off different obstacles to carry out stunts and earn coins.

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Brawler Master: This is a 3D street-fighting game where gamers take on loads of enemies with just their fists. If you can withstand the hordes of enemies, you can surely find your want to victory in this brawl game of all times.

Atomic Racer: If you love racing, then Atomic Racer is for you. The game is an exciting inter-stellar racing game where players have to collect blue orbs and avoid red orbs. The futuristic track is yours as you maximize your points to survive.

Highlights of Nakamoto Games Sprint Achievements

Over the year, Nakamoto Games has achieved lots of its objectives for the year both the front-end and back-end. It has implemented the rental system for NFT land and buildings, and the Story Mode season pass rewards.

It has also completed its 100 games mission and implemented a new frontend website and favorite games feature. The platform has executed all these on both the front-end and back-end of its metaverse.

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