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Era7 Releases Era7 Challengers League S1 Rules

The innovative play-to-earn NFT trading card GameFi project, Era7, has released the rules for the Era7 Challengers League S1.

The event starts today, February 15, 2023. The game platform has enjoined participants to complete the decklist submission and go through the rules to familiarize themselves with their rights.

Highlights of the Lobby Rules

According to Era7, the first game for each round starts at the scheduled time, and this timing may vary depending on the player’s group. Individuals must check the scheduled start time and enter their game room ten minutes before

This is to enable them to complete the required automatic check-in process. Players who do not complete the check-in process are considered absent, and the other player wins the match by default. If both players do not finish the check-in process, there will be no winner. Also, gamers will have a 15-minute break between rounds on the same day.

When players cannot complete the game, the system will force the game to end and determines the winner based on the rules. Players who lose the previous game can decide if they want to switch the deck for upcoming matches. Gamers can change their decks and Heroes during the preparation.


Highlights of the Decklist Submission Rules

Players ranked 1st to 231st in the S1 Qualification Period qualify for the S1 Era7 Challengers League. These players must submit their decklist during the decklist submission period, which ends today. The decklist should include three legal decks they will play during the tournament. 

A legal deck contains 30 battle cards from a maximum of two races. When submitting their Decklist, each must contain one main deck and two secondary decks. The Main Deck is the default deck in the Era7 Challengers League to be used for playing the first game in each match

The two Secondary Decks are separate card decks usable in upcoming matches when you lose the previous game. Note that the system automatically submits the decks with the highest combat power from your Deck if you do not submit them yourself within the submission timeframe. 

Highlights of the Play-in Stage Rules

Players ranked 16th to 231st at the end of the S1 Qualification Period from the four leagues qualify for the Play-in Stage. Those ranked 1st to 15th get seeded and will advance to the Group Stage directly. The system will group participating 864 players in the stage into 108 groups of eight players each, and each player plays against every player in their group. 

The Play-in Stage has seven rounds and players must play against each player from their group once. The comprehensive details of the rules and rewards are available on the game platform

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