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PlayMining Launches Fujiwara Kamiu Verse 4th Land Sale

The play-to-earn game platform, PlayMining, has announced the 4th Land Sale of Fujiwara Kamiu Verse slated to hold today, February 15, 2023, at 12:00 UTC+8.

According to the game platform, the World MAP crafted by Kamui Fujiwara is grouped into 10,000 sections, which are sold as Land NFTs.

Moreover, the 4th edition of this sale takes place today, and the location to be sold is Wakoku. This is the area featuring a Japanese motif. Moreover, the Holders of this LAND NFT will automatically become Fujiwara Kamiu Verse citizens.

Also, the Land NFTs enable them to participate in different decision-making and activities in the community and towards the development of the metaverse. 

Details of the Land NFT Sales

As mentioned, the sales period starts on February 15, 2023. According to PlayMining, the initial sales price is 7,000 $DEP. However, the initial sale price for those who qualify for the whitelist sales is 5,000 $DEP.  Also, the sales amount is limited to 400 plots.

Some of these are for white-list sales allocation. Also, the purchase method is through the Blind auction, which starts from 7,000 DEAPcoin. It is worth mentioning that there is a special website for this event. Interested buyers can find the details on the official PlayMining social media platform.


Highlights of the Land NFT Utilities

PlayMining reiterated that the PlayMining Verse is an all-inclusive project where community members get involved in creating different projects and content. In addition, members can explore and experience the fun of making things. Also, becoming a Land NFT holder gives several privileges, including:

  • Participation in numerous decisions to determine project directions
  • Access to special bonuses, including NFTs
  • Communicate directly with creators
  • Get paid for contributing to the community

Landowners in Fujiwara Kamui Verse can participate in creating things in Zodiac Revolver, a project developed by Mr. Fujiwara Kamui. Also, they can take part in various events where they can curate characters. 

Land NFT utilities are restricted to PlayMining and the NFTs are not usable in other PlayMining games, including JobTribes.

How to Buy the Land NFT

Interested buyers can select their favorite Land NFT on the World Map and buy it on PlayMinings NFT special website. Also, they can buy it directly on the PlayMining NFT platform. 

To buy the Land NFTs, buyers must have a wallet and create a PlayMining ID. However, the details of creating the PlayMining ID are available on the game platform.

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