Raini Studios 7 Deadly Sins NFT Collection Mint
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Raini Studios Launches 7 Deadly Sins NFT Collection Mint

Raini Studios has announced the launch of the 7 Deadly Sins NFT Collection Mint. This is a very limited mini-drop that only has Rare, Legendary and Mythic cards. The announcement follows a series of teasers hinting to users what to expect. In addition, the press release contains details of the benefits that those who hold these digital assets will enjoy.

Details of the 7 Deadly Sins NFT Collection Mint

The 7 Deadly Sins NFT Collection will be available to Mint on Wednesday, the 15th of February, by 9:00 AM AEDT. Once it is time, Raini Studios will offer 200 Rainbow and 200 Unicorn NFTs to interested buyers on the minting website.

Below are your chances of getting rare NFTs from each of these items:

  • Rainbow: 10% Legendary and 1% Mythic
  • Unicorn: 25% Legendary and 2.5% Mythic.
  • Collector Packs: 88.7% Legendary and 6.2% Mythic

Rainbow and Unicorn packs will be available 1 pack at a time.  The sale will take place via Raffles, where interested buyers will have to purchase lottery tickets. Players obtain these tickets with 100 Rainbows or 10 Unicorns. Rainbow and Unicorn Raffles will run simultaneously. Each of them will use the same 10-hour period.

Besides the regular sales, there will also be NFT auctions. At the moment, the proposed date is the 21st of February. However, the date is tentative and may be subject to change by Raini Studios. Similar to the raffle system, these pricing contests will occur within intermittent 10-hour periods.

Users will only be able to bid Unicorn or Rainbow, according to the type of NFT they want. Meanwhile, there are no time limits to those who emerge victorious from bids. They can mint at any point that they want.

Other Special Edition NFTs

Raini Studios 7 Deadly Sins NFT Collection

Besides the 7 Deadly Sins NFT Collection, players can also mint other digital assets. One of them is the 7DS CHAD Bundles. Only 9 of these digital assets will be available to players. It will not be an in-game card. Instead, it will be a collectable that offers holders the following benefits:

  • Continuous usage of PFP in Raini Studios games, including RTLOL.
  • 1-hour private session with any member of the Raini team.
  • Chance to create personalized RTLOL card.

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