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PlayMining Announces JobTribes Lottery Event

PlayMining has announced the date of the JobTribes Lottery Event. Participants will be opportune to receive battle tickets they can use during gameplay. In addition, those who own special NFTs will receive more tickets. This comes just after the team launched the Cookin Burger Season 7.

Details of the JobTribes Lottery Event

The JobTribes Lottery Event will go live at 2:00 PM UTC+8 on Wednesday, the 8th of February. It will run till 1:59 PM UTC+8 on Friday, the 10th of February. During this period, players will utilize Lottery Tickets to try their luck at the draw.

There are several ways to earn this ticket. One of them is using PALEcoin to purchase it from the lottery office. However, only contestants with Rare NFTs or better are eligible for this option. Another significant method of obtaining this item is by winning a Battle. It gives users the most tickets. Players can also get these items by completing other quests. However, they will receive fewer tickets.

Besides battles, only NFT-related tasks offer significant tickets. Users who own NFT-enhanced amulets will receive more lottery tickets. More so, it still depends on how many of these items you have. So, participants are advised to include these amulets in their decks.

Below are some of the NFT-enhanced charms that will give you more tickets:

  • Nature Lottery Salesperson – Legendary
  • Thunder Bodybuilder – Legendary
  • Nature Racehorse Trainer – Epic
  • Thunder Chick Inspector – Rare
  • Nature Makeup Artist – Rare
  • Thunder Amusement Park Staff – Common

Meanwhile, there will be no Fire and Earth amulets in the opponent’s deck during this lottery event. Therefore, players with Nature and Thunder charms will have the upper hand.

Ranking and Reward Distribution

JobTribes Lottery Event Rewards

PlayMining will announce the winners by 3:00 PM UTC on Wednesday, the 15th of February. One considerable aspect of the prize pool is that multiple winners can emerge from the same category. In simpler terms, many players will take the first, second, and third positions.

Below is a breakdown of the rewards:

  • 45 people will receive 10,000 $DEAPcoin each for emerging first.
  • 20 contestants will receive 5,000 $DEAPcoin each for ranking in second.
  • 50 people who finish third will get 1,000 $DEAPcoin each.
  • 100 users who rank fourth will earn 500 $DEAPcoin each.
  • 2,000 players who rank fifth will receive 100 $DEAPcoin each.
  • 10,000 participants who finish sixth will receive 10 $DEAPcoin each.

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