Axie Infinity Builders Program Onboards First Projects
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Axie Infinity Builders Program Onboards First Projects

Earlier this year, Axie Infinity launched the Builders Program. With the aim of helping independent developers create their own ideas on the Ronin blockchain. Interested persons could apply to receive financial, resource and advisory support from Sky Mavis. Since the launch, the firm has been receiving applications from various individuals.

During which it has been sieving through these proposals. After thoroughly examining what each of these persons is bringing to the table, Sky Mavis has selected the first set of projects. Despite already selecting the first set of beneficiaries, it is still open to working with more developers. If you are still interested, you can review the Builders guidelines to increase your chances of gaining entry.

Every game in this program has links to the Axie Infinity gameplay. It could either involve the use of similar in-game characters. Other times, users may earn SLP as rewards. However, there are some simple rules for participation. For example, the Axie used in gameplay must either belong to the developer or the player.

Beneficiaries from the Axie Infinity Builders Program

Axie Infinity Builders Program Projects

There are currently 12 projects that will benefit from the Builders Program. They include the following

  1. Inter the Dungeon – a push-your-luck dungeon crawl game using Axies
  2. Defenders of Lunacian Land (DOLL) – a survival action game with simple gameplay and very challenging rogue like elements.
  3. Axie To The Moon – an action shooting mobile game that draws inspiration from the “Infinity” concept of Axie Infinity
  4. Hungry Axie – an endless eating game where Axies eat each other and only three of them survive
  5. Axieology – a lifestyle game where users get to spend time with their Axies to bond together, eat sweet food, and grow plants.
  6. Lunacia Cup – a racing game where in-game characters get to race and run in the rolling hills and steep mountains across the land to be the fastest.
  7. Run Axie Run – an endless running game where your Axie gets to venture throughout Lunacia, collect resources and battle enemies.
  8. AxiePop – a free to play game about popping Axies. Players can drag and swap to get a minimum of 3 line Axies and Pop them.
  9. Axie Infinity War – a 2.5D Platform Battle Royale Game. With 10 players fighting each other for the ultimate glory and exciting rewards.
  10. Axie Brawl – this is an arena brawler that shares similarities with the Hungry Axie. However, it will involve 2 teams that will battle with each other until only the best remains
  11. Mech Infinity – a Battle Royale game based in the Axie Infinity universe. It involves Axie holders acquiring Axie Mechs and participating in epic battles.
  12. Across Lunacia – a pixel art platforming adventure you can embark upon with your Axie. Even better, you can for free if you own an Axie.

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