Aurory First Monthly Update
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Aurory Issues First Monthly Update for 2023

Aurory has issued its first monthly update outlining its plans for 2023. This news marks the official resumption of the team and details their plans for the new year. It includes upcoming patches, potential partnership announcements, in-game features, and general ecosystem updates.

Recall that there was a $BONk airdrop earlier in January to celebrate the open alpha launch. The top players from that campaign will also receive other benefits. Meanwhile, Aurory has partnered with Clubzz. They will create content about this web3 game and share it on their website for their members to learn about Aurory.

Details of the Aurory First Monthly Update

Aurory Biome Update

Impending improvements in design are the first highlight from the Aurory First Monthly Update. The team is considering upgrading the UI of Adventure mode, battle system, tactics, Lands, Expedition v1.5/2, NFTs and other digital assets. There are also concrete plans to balance the in-game economy and ensure sustainability. These modifications are top of the list and will most likely be effected soon.

Besides the priority tasks, there are other design upgrades that the team is considering. Most of them center around users’ experiences outside the game. They include the referral program, anti-cheat schemes, marketplace design, player profile, rarity and progression system.

Besides gameplay, there will also be massive upgrades on the different in-game characters. Aurory has plans to introduce new avatars, as shown in the v2 Nefties teaser some time ago. Most of the payable Nefties already have an improved version ready for deployment. The only thing left is completing their animation and making it available to users.

Serious work is currently ongoing to incorporate Axobubble and N9 facial expressions. The team will soon complete the NFT skin reward artwork that will be distributed to the alpha season one leaderboard finalists.

Besides the visual aspect, there will be more immersive and ambient sounds to accompany the new game modes that will be dropping soon. Every biome will have a unique and well-suited SFX to give players the feeling of realness during the course of gameplay.

In addition to the front-end development, there will also be adequate backend infrastructure to support the system. This will include various integrations, bug fixing, data migration, deployment and testing.

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