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Where to Buy Aurory NFTs

Aurory is a free-to-play turn-based JRPG built on the Solana blockchain. Players can travel across a diverse metaverse to explore Antik and Tokané regions. They devise tactics to complete quests, overcome enemies, outwit other players and discover lost relics. Like all GameFi projects, this game enables players to own digital assets as NFTs. As such, users can easily buy and sell Aurory NFTs.

How to Access the Aurory Gameplay

Aurory features both PVE and PVP gaming modes. There are seasonal contents that occur regularly and PVP leaderboards. Each new edition features new regions, creatures, characters, and rules. As a turn-based game, these avatars will deploy these Nefties on the battlefield. Although players can use action cards, power stones and other boosters in duels, these in-game avatars are the significant features.

There are two sections of players. They include Invested and Free-to-Play Players. Below is a breakdown of both sets of stakeholders:

  • Investors Players: These are plays that own Aurorian NFT, a Nefty Team, stake $AURY tokens and purchase assets from the marketplace.
  • Free-to-Play Players: Unlike the above category, these persons do not invest capital. They have free access to gameplay but do not earn from the game. However, they remain valuable to the ecosystem’s growth.

How to Buy Aurory NFTs

Aurory NFTs

If you are looking to delve into this game and earn from playing it, these are the digital assets to obtain:

  • Aurorians: These assets offer visual identity and NFT airdrops. Users who own it can also participate in DAO Governance, enjoy priority of land sales and boosted rewards. Players can get them from the Aurory Marketplace or Solana NFT marketplace.
  • Eggs and Nefties: Unlike Aurorians, players can earn these items from PVE and PVP gameplay or purchase them from the marketplace. They can also hatch them using $AURY tokens. They are your soldiers in combat. You can burn them to get new rare items.
  • Lands: Lands spawn dungeons according to their rarity – common, uncommon, rare and legendary. High-end regions make better dungeons and offer better rewards. Landowners will receive an entrance fee according to the difficulty level. Besides the landowners, those who access the land will also enjoy benefits.
  • Cosmetics and Power Stones: These stones can only be used once to unlock new tactical abilities. They can be found throughout the game and offer a unique visual appearance. Like Nefties, players can burn them to get new items.

Going by the above analysis, the most crucial NFTs are Aurorians. Besides them, every other digital asset can be earned during gameplay. You can purchase these items from, Aurory, Solana or Magic Eden Marketplace. There are no fixed prices for these non-fungible tokens. However, you can get them for 700 to 1,000 $SOL on the Aurora NFT platform.

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