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Alien Worlds Unveils its Roadmap

With 2022 coming to an end, most GameFi projects are intent on closing out in style. Considering that the FIFA World Cup was also held at the end of the year, many have held campaigns around the tournament. However, Alien Worlds is taking a different approach by unveiling its roadmap.  This does not change the schedule of events and activities for this period.

Details of the Alien Worlds Roadmap

The Alien Worlds Roadmap features three different sections. They include completed projects, near-term and coming soon. Below is a breakdown of each of them:

Completed projects: These are aspects of the program that are complete and already in use. They include the following:

  • Reveal of the technical blueprint.
  • Minting of Trilium.
  • Creation of NFTs, Planets and initial smart contracts for core aspects of the metaverse mechanics.
  • Development and release of the Alpha UI.
  • Release of the community NFT pack drops.
  • Sale of standard parks.
  • Daily release of Trilium to the different planets.
  • Launch of the staking mechanism.
  • Opening of the Trilium reserves for mining.
  • Unlock of the shining NFT.
  • Initiating the Land Fund pack opening reward.
  • Opening of the Planet DAO candidate registration.
  • Launching various NFT drops in collaboration with other projects.
  • Completing cross chain functionality to ensure that Trilium is also minted on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
  • Introduction and upgrades of Teleports.
  • Opening of Planet DAO COuncillor registrations.
  • Listing of $TLM on Binance for trading.
  • Launching a farming period for $TLM in the Binance launchpool.
  • New user interface for the web version of the game.
  • Introducing the mission game.

Alien Worlds Weekly Schedule

Near Term: While outlining the completed milestones, Alien Worlds added that some programs are still in the works. Most of the items in this category are geared towards improving user experience. However, the team did not mention probable release dates. Below are aspects of the gaming ecosystem that will be launched soonest:

  • Launch of Nebule events and other in-game quests.
  • Automation of the claim function so that landowners do not have to manually complete the process daily.
  • Creation of Landowner-specific NFT mining incentive distribution mechanism.
  • Initiating interactive storyline events & cross promotions with other games/NFTs

Coming Soon: Further down the pecking order are projects that are still in development. Unlike the near terms, these will take a longer time to launch as they are far from completion. They include the following:

  • Release of the fighting game.
  • Launch of the Artifacts NFTs
  • Feature that allow Landowners to display items in their window.
  • Introduction of governance.

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