Aavegotchi and The Sandbox Game Launch 'Ripples of the Gotchiverse' with PlayToEarn Rewards
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Aavegotchi and The Sandbox Game Announce Nov 9th Release for ‘Ripples of the Gotchiverse

The crypto-game community is buzzing with excitement over the official collaboration between Aavegotchi and The Sandbox Game, which has given birth to an exciting game known as “Ripples of the Gotchiverse.”

The official release date for this intriguing game is set for November 9th, a piece of news that has players eager to dive into the experience.

This collaboration holds significant relevance as it brings together two standout communities in the world of NFTs.

Aavegotchi, recognized for its uniqueness in creating and managing NFT avatars, joins forces with The Sandbox Game, a continually expanding virtual universe that encourages user creativity as its norm.

Special Attention In This Collaboration with “PlayToEarn” Rewards

Players will receive a total of 50,000 SAND tokens and 5,000 GHST tokens as incentives.

To be eligible for the 35,000 SAND token pool, players must have ownership of a minimum of one Aavegotchi equipment item from The Sandbox NFT marketplace.

In the same vein, if you happen to utilize the Aavegotchi Avatar within The Sandbox, you become eligible for participation in the 15,000 SAND token pool.

Aavegotchi and The Sandbox Game Unite for 'Ripples of the Gotchiverse' Launch

An additional enticing opportunity comes in the shape of a 5,000 GHST token reward pool, which awaits those bold adventurers willing to embark upon a journey into the mystical domain of “Aavegotchi Enigma Odyssey,” meticulously hosted on zealy_io, where they will need to adeptly unravel a series of perplexing riddles.

This collaboration underscores the significance of the community’s power within the crypto space. The GotchiFArmy community has tirelessly worked to turn this collaboration into a tangible reality.

It is imperative to underscore that AavegotchiDAO has assumed a pivotal role in this endeavor by furnishing the requisite financial backing to execute this initiative, thereby accentuating the significance of collective community cooperation in the realization of impactful undertakings.

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