MOBOX Unveils the Dragonverse 3D
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MOBOX Unveils the Dragonverse 3D

For quite some time, MOBOX has made significant strides in terms of the development of the MODragon project. Following the progress the team has made in recent times, they are previewing the Dragonverse 3D. This is a new gameplay series where players can enjoy thrilling gaming content.

Details of the MOBOX Dragonverse 3D

The Dragonverse 3D is an awe-inspiring virtual world where players can embark on various gaming adventures. This digital space has a Workbench that serves as a portal through which people can manage their in-game assets. In this realm, players will be able to nurture, breed, and hatch their own in-game creatures known as MODragon. Users can also trade them as NFTs on the marketplace.

The MOBOX Dragonverse 3D comprises different regions that players can explore. Various areas offer different landscapes and forms of interactive gameplay. MOBOX is spoiling players for choices by providing them with the opportunity to select their preferred strategy and skill combination.

Similarly, players will also encounter diverse means of earning play to earn rewards.  The interesting game will feature a multi-view perspective to enable players to choose their viewpoint of the game. This means that users can change the camera angle during the course of gameplay.

In addition, combats will take place in real-time to enable users to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. More so, people will not just be engaging in directionless play. There will be a captivating storyline that will guide their adventures. To make gaming more exciting, this lore will apply to the reward system.

Despite the early unveil, the team will not be releasing this game mode immediately. Instead, the Dragonverse 3D will only be available for Alpha Test by August. There will be an announcement to that effect.

Preview of the Dragonverse MMORPG

Preview of the Dragonverse MMORPG

The Dragonverse will serve as the turf of a turn-based MMORPG. This large-scale multiplier will become an integral part of the MOBOX ecosystem. In this mysterious fantasy world, players will engage in the following:

  • Mission Selection and Exploration:  There will be various battles and adventures for players to engage in. More so, individuals will be opportune to choose any professions that they want to undertake. They will also combine unique skills and traits that they will employ in battle.
  • Avatar Upgrade: As people engage in quests and duels, they will accumulate experience and equipment. Users can combine these gameplay rewards to improve the abilities of their in-game characters.
  • Turn-Based Combat: Gamers will engage in strategic turn-based combats. Before the start of gameplay, players will select the appropriate avatar lineup and abilities that have decent winning chances.

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