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Elemon Launches Cranto World Boss Mode with a $10,000 Prize Pool

Elemon has announced another edition of the World Boss Mode. This time, it features Cranto the evil demon. Players will get to enjoy massive rewards for defeating this devil and restoring peace to Elematris. This comes after the end of the PVP Championship Season 7 and Boss Guild Season 8.

Shortly before making this announcement, the team reiterated the need for fairness in gameplay amongst players. It was noticed that many players were using unethical ways to win battles and climb up the rating. This continued despite previous warnings and sanctions. In this regard, permanent bans will be placed on accounts found guilty of using third-party tools within the game.

Details of the Elemon World Boss Mode

The Elemon World Boss Mode features a prize pool of $10,000. Only users with 5 avatars or more can join this contest. The process takes place on a new server. Players will begin by donating to summon a World Boss. They can through this through the Almighty Stone or $ELCOIN. Regardless of the option they choose, the summoning bar must reach 100% before the adversary appears.

Each of the donors will get 5 free Boss attacks to begin the showdown with the evil demon. However, they can receive one more free attack every 30 minutes if the number of their attack is less than 5. If they run out of attacks and do not want to wait for the stipulated time, they can buy a turn for 100 $ELCOIN and continue their battle.

Within 12 hours after users destroy the World Boss, the server will reopen for the summoning of a new boss. Although players will summon the evil character, the system determines the features and stats that the demon will have.

Elemon World Boss Mode Reward

Meanwhile, there will be four ways through which participants can receive rewards. The first is 1,000 redemption tickets that cost $10 each. Players can claim them from the Elemon website. Users who deal the final damage that destroys the boss will receive the Last Hit Bonus worth 500,000 $ELCOIN.

The general rewards will be distributed according to how much every user donated towards the summoning. In addition, there will also be rewards according to the damage they deal to Cranto during battle.

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