PlayMining Cookin' Burger Season 12 Goes Live
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PlayMining Cookin Burger Season 7 Goes Live

On the 30th of January, 2023, PlayMining launched the Cookin Burger Season 7. This is an open beta competition and is available to all users. While issuing this update, the team also shared insights into this contest’s rewards and ranking process.

This campaign will run from the 30th of January at 11:00 (UTC+*) till 10:59 (UTC+8) on the 27th of February.  Meanwhile, a maintenance patch will usher in the new edition. As such, the contest will go live after the upgrade is complete.

Details of the PlayMining Cookin Burger Season 7

Players in the PlayMining Cookin Burger Season 7 will get DEP rewards according to their NFT rarity levels. Although your playing skills can help you earn more, your assets determine the range of winnings you can realize. Meanwhile, the team may adjust or revise the prizes from time to time.

play mining

Here is a breakdown for a better understanding:

  • Secondhand food cart: 1.08 to 2.70 $DEP
  • Economy food cart: 16.12 to 32.25 $DEP
  • Deluxe food cart: 90.05 to 174.25 $DEP
  • Secondhand food truck: 258.22 to 324.66 $DEP
  • Economy food truck: 484.34 to 676.30 $DEP
  • Deluxe food truck: 1084.54 to 1566.68 $DEP

Note: These are only estimates to show the possibilities of what players can realize. You can increase your winnings with better skills and strategies.

Meanwhile, rankings will be separated into three categories in the last week of the season. This will be according to part-time staff, food cart and food truck. The results will determine the prizes that participants will receive.

Here are further explanations:

  • Part-time staff: This contest section is open to all players, whether or not they have a shop NFT. Up to 910 winners will receive Food Cart, Second-Hand or Japanese-Style NFT and 30,000 in-game tokens as rewards.
  • Food cart: only players with Food Cart NFTs can join this category. up to 942 players will share 106,456 $DEP.
  • Food truck: As the name states, only users with Food Truck NFTs are eligible to join this section. More than 680 participants will share 713.150 tokens, with the top player receiving more than 11,410 $DEP.

The prizes will be distributed on Monday, the 6th of March, 2023. PlayMining will announce the results between the end of the season and the date of distribution.

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