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The Sandbox Launches OnChainMonkey Game Jam Contest

Following the showcasing of artistic talents in the OnChainMonkey VoxEdit contest,The Sandbox is at it again with a new OnChainMonkey Game Jam Contest.

The virtual build-own-and monetize gaming world, The Sandbox, has partnered with OnChainMonkey to host this event where participants can display their vision of the Monkeyverse in the voxel. The event is scheduled to start today, October 5, and runs until October 30.

What are the Entry Guidelines?

Participants must create their designs in the Game Maker software using the assets they created. The entry must contain some playability, such as quests and missions. It must also be unique and not a copy of existing gaming experiences.

Participants must avoid spamming the gallery with different low-quality experiences to make it to the 4th-10th positions, as doing so will result in entry disqualification.

Your entry may become ineligible if you do not follow the correct steps in completing your submission. The Sandbox and OnChainMonkey’s staff members will judge the entries and select the winners. 

Criteria for Submission 

Participants must design a game of at least five minutes duration. They must use a minimum of twenty-five assets and follow the theme/storyline. The submitted experience must be created after the start date as any experience created for previous game jams are not eligible.

As mentioned, the Game Jam entry submission starts on October 5 and the deadline for submission is October 30, at 3:00 pm UTC. The submission collation and voting will hold from October 31 to November 25, and the platform will announce the results on December 3.

The game platform revealed that it will use the Game Maker Gallery feature as the form for submissions. The details of the link to the submission platform can be found on the game platform.

Highlights of the Rewards

The prize pool for the OnChainMonkey Game Jam contest is 30,000 $SAND. The Sandbox will distribute this fund among the top ten entries. The highlights of the distribution are enumerated below:

  • 1st Position: 12,000 $SAND and one Genesis OnChainMonkey
  • 2nd Position: 7,000 $SAND and one Karma OnChainMonkey
  • 3rd Position: 4,000 $SAND and one Karma OnChainMonkey
  • 4th – 10th Position: 1,000 $SAND each.

The contest is open to everyone with an account with The Sandbox. New users can also register and participate in the event. It is worth mentioning that participants cannot use assets created by someone else or purchased.

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