Gafin Launches UNI Trip
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Gafin Launches UNI Trip

Gafin – a metaverse and GameFi ecosystem gaming guild, has launched UNI Trip. This is an educational initiative that enables Gen Zs in universities across Vietnam to get access to knowledge and opportunities. Part of the plan will also see this enterprise spread to other parts of the world.

Going forward, UNI Trip will become the main event like this guild’s tournaments. Gafin wants to create meaningful connections between blockchain games and people. Meanwhile, the University of Greenwich will serve as the take-off spot for this project. For the record, UNI Trip simply means “University Trip”.

Importance of the Gafin UNI Trip

The Gafin UNI Trip is a journey of sharing and development in the university. While conceiving the idea, the goal was to establish student learning opportunities. Contrary to popular opinion, education is not specific. Instead, it is centred on sharing knowledge that will open possibilities to the recipients. With blockchain spreading like wildfire, the guild is offering Gen Zs the chance to increase their prospects.

This project will focus on sharing both foundational and advanced information with students. Through this move, Gafin wants to highlight the areas that participants can benefit from. While the emphasis is on the scholars, the guild believes it is equally a beneficiary of this project.

As mentioned above, the University of Greenwich is the first destination for the UNI Trip. Subsequently, other educational institutions like Van Lang University, Hoa Sen University, Vietnam International University and other schools with an open vision of web3 will follow suit.

Participants in the UNI Trip Workshop

More web3 startups are opening up every, even existing traditional firms are breaking into the decentralized space. Considering this trend, job opportunities will open up to those with the right skills and interests. Through UNI Trip, Gafin is positioning students in Vietnam for such openings. In addition, this enterprise is also a great way to build its blockchain community in Asia.

Besides getting jobs, this initiative is also a reasonable means of empowering students. NFTs allow creative people to own their works completely. However, they cannot exploit something if they do not know about it. With this initiative, however, these constructive individuals can make the most of their ideas.

How to Join this Initiative

Follow these steps to become part of this workshop:

  • Visit the Gafin official website.
  • Navigate to the event submenu.
  • Select the Workshop Event.
  • Create an account to log in to an existing one.
  • Fill in the necessary details to join.

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