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Job Tribes Releases Details of NFT Quest Season 9 

Job Tribes, the world’s first workplace role-based blockchain game, has announced the details of the duration and rewards for its NFT Quest Season 9 slated to launch on October 11 and run until November 15.

The game platform mentioned its platform will undergo a maintenance phase immediately after Season 9 ends. During this period, players will be unable to access the game platform until the completion of the maintenance.


Highlights of the Timeframe for the NFT Quest Season 9

Following the maintenance, Job Tribes revealed that it will start its PvP week 9 Season on November 15, and it will run until November 21. The game will have Standby Days from November 21 to November 22 when both the NFT Quests and PvP games are closed to players.

Following these Standby Days, the platform will carry out another maintenance. The Job Tribes game will not be available to players during the period. The game platform has revealed its NFT Quest Season 10 will start on November 22, following the completion of the maintenance process.

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Highlights of Rewards for the NFT Quest Season 9

Participants in the NFT Quest Season 9 will have the opportunity to win from the prize pool set aside for this event. Each quest entails fifteen stages and players can complete each once a day.

Participants who complete all fifteen stages in the Legendary Quest in a day will receive a total reward of 13,900 DEP. The amounts of reward a player can earn each day for the total of fifteen stages per quest are enumerated as follow:

  • Legendary Quest – 13,800 DEP
  • Epic Quest – 2,020 DEP
  • Rare Quest – 608 DEP
  • Common Quest – 400 DEP

Job Tribes will distribute all rewards as DEAPchecks, which winners can redeem for DEAPcoin (DEP).

What NFTs are not eligible for Common Quest?

Players cannot participate in the Common Quest if they have specific Common NFTs, even if they have amulets to enhance them. These Common NFTs include:

  • Elderly Male Villager
  • Elderly Female Villager
  • Middle-aged Male Villager
  • Middle-aged Female Villager
  • Young Male Villager
  • Young Female Villager
  • Child Male Villager
  • Child Female Villager

Other Common NFTs ineligible to participate in the Quest include Work Dog, Dog Actor, Cat Café Employee, Cat Actor, Cat Burglar, Thief, Dine & Dasher, Shoplifter, Professional Card Gamer, Cookin’ Burger Burger Shop Worker, NF-Teruko, and others.

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