MMORPG Blockchain Game Tap Fantasy Unveils its 5th Round of NFT Premint Rule
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MMORPG Blockchain Game Tap Fantasy Unveils its 5th Round of NFT Premint Rule

In a significant development, Tap Fantasy, the popular MMORPG blockchain game, has announced its 5th round of NFT Premint Rule. This announcement marks another milestone in Tap Fantasy’s journey on the TON blockchain.

The NFT Premint is unlike any other, marking Tap Fantasy’s first-ever NFT issuance on the TON blockchain. The minting price for the time being is significantly lower than the official minting price that will follow. This special benefit is extended to MC IDO participants and the first batch of players on TON.

The quantity of NFTs available for minting at this time is extremely limited, with only 3000 in total. The NFT collections accessible for pre-minting include the Shinning Nova, Magic Girl, and Magic Doll.

Tap Fantasy NFTs have a range of exciting benefits. They grant powerful combat buffs and unique skin skills to level up your gameplay. NFTs are required for entry into exclusive Secret Realm maps, where players can uncover hidden treasures and challenges. They also allow players to take on formidable bosses with higher loot drops.

The Power of Tap Fantasy NFTs: Combat Buffs, Secret Realms, and More

MMORPG Blockchain Game Tap Fantasy Unveils its 5th Round of NFT Premint Rule

NFTs can be used to increase daily stamina, ensuring players have the energy needed for epic adventures. Players can set their NFT as their account avatar, showcasing their gaming prestige to the entire Tap Fantasy community.

The same type of NFT R Card can be used to fuse higher-level NFT Cards. The more NFT R Cards you use, the higher the level of the fused NFT Card, offering greater combat power bonuses and additional skills.

A snapshot is scheduled to occur one day before the NFT MINT. Following the snapshot, within six hours, users will receive notifications from the bot about their eligibility to mint. In this timeframe, users have the opportunity to verify their eligibility for minting via the bot and decide if they want to transfer their waitlists. The final count of users eligible for minting will be determined at the snapshot’s time.

This new dimension to the Tap Fantasy experience on the TON blockchain is set to elevate the gaming journey of its players. As the world of Tap Fantasy continues to evolve, players can look forward to more thrilling adventures and updates in the future.

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