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MotoGP Ignition Hot Shots Sale Set to Go Live

The NFT-based racing game, MotoGP Ignition, has announced its upcoming MotoGP Ignition Hot Shots Sale where every Hot Shot grants the buyer a specific amount of $SHRD.

The sale will offer interested buyers a chance to purchase the MotoGP Ignition 2021 Hot Shots from the 2021 Grande Premio de Portugal and the 2021 MotoGP Grand Prix of Qatar.

According to the game platform, each Hot Shot is playable right away in the event during the same weekend. The sale will offer players the only opportunity to directly purchase these Hot Shots.

Where and when is the MotoGP Ignition Hot Shots Sale taking Place?

The Hot Shots sale will take place on the official MotoGP site. It is split into three thirty-minute sale slots, which open every eight hours. It will start on October 25, and the first slot opening will be at 1:00 pm UTC. As mentioned, each Sale Slot will be open for thirty minutes. 

motogp ignition

What is the Cost of each Hot Shot?

Interested buyers can buy a maximum of sixty Draws during the sale period with each Draw containing three Hot Shots. You can buy the Draws with a supported Credit Card or REVV on Flow. The cost per draw is $15 if you are using a credit card or $800 REVV if using the token.

It is worth mentioning that each Sale Slot has a unique selection of Hot Shots. MotoGP Ignition also revealed that each Hot Shot a buyer receives from a Draw grants them an amount of $SHRD.

It is crucial to note that the rarity of the Hot Shot will determine the specific amount of $SHRD a buyer will receive. Common Hot Shot offers a higher number of $SHRD compared to the Legendary Hot Shot. 

  • Common Hot Shot: 20 SHRD
  • Rare Hot Shot: 15 SHRD
  • Epic Hot Shot: 10 SHRD
  • Legendary Hot Shot: SHRD

More Details about the Hot Shots Sale

MotoGP also announced that participants will earn SHRD from both MotoGP Ignition Manager and MotoGP Champions. SHRD will be used for creating DYNO tokens where DYNO tokens have utility across different game modes and are an integral part of the growth systems in MotoGP Ignition Manager.

The game platform mentioned it will provide more information about the DYNO before the first public launch of the MotoGP Ignition Manager later in the year.

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