Crazy Defense Heroes Halloween Invasion
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Crazy Defense Heroes Halloween Invasion

Animoca Brand announces the Crazy Defense Heroes Halloween Invasion launch: Bored Ape Edition in the spirit of this year’s spooky season. This event is also open to owners of Bored Ape Yacht NFTs. Participants will get 10x more Hero Points that they can use to redeem different in-game items into their non-custodial wallets.

Details of the Crazy Defense Heroes Halloween Invasion

The Crazy Defense Heroes Halloween Invasion will run from October 24th to November 7th October 7th 2022. During this period, users will participate in a series of contests. The activities range from finishing selected gameplay to holding specific digital assets.

Each of them has varying difficulty levels, as shown below:

  • Normal: Players must reach level 12 before joining the normal contest. Anyone that completes their task will get 10,000 points. Users will also get additional 20,000 points each for holding 5 $Apecoins, 5,000 $TOWER or 5 TOWER Battle Cards.
  • Hard: Only users of level 25 and above can join this contest. They will get 20,000 points for finishing the game. However, they can earn 40,000 points for holding 10 $Apecoins, 10,000 $TOWER or 10 TOWER Battle Cards.
  • Crazy: Players at level 35 or more can earn as much as 280,000 Hero points. There are 40,000 points available for anyone who completes this stage’s assignments. Besides the possible 80,000 points they will get for holding 30 $Apecoins, 20,000 $TOWER or 20 TOWER Battle Cards.
  • Nightmare: Reserved for only the top dogs, Nightmare is for anyone good enough to reach level 70. These individuals will receive 80,000 points for finishing the game. They will also earn 160,000 points if they have 40 $Apecoins, 40,000 $TOWER or 30 TOWER Battle Cards.

Note: The additional points are for every requirement that you meet. Being eligible for multiple options will see you get more points. For example, having the necessary $Apecoins and $TOWER means you’ll get x2 of the points. Owning all the assets listed means you’ll get x3 additional hero points.

How to Participate

Crazy Defense Heroes Halloween Invasion Rewards

To participate in this event, follow these steps:

  • Play Crazy Defense Halloween Invasion Mobile Game and rake up points.
  • Verify your identity on the website.
  • Buy and hold NFTs to earn extra points.

Note: Players must fulfil the verification before the 7th of November. Also, users should ensure to do this earlier than the said date. This is because it takes 3 days to complete the process.

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